Auto Hud Display 3.5″ Car Projector in The Car Alarm EOBD OBD2 Head Up Display Speedometer Windshield Car Electronic Accessories

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Product Features:

1. GEYIREN 100% Brand Guarantee

2. Safty driving, Keep your eyes ahead, No need to down your head to see Dashboard while driving

3.Nano-technology to eliminate double reflections, more clarity

4. Easy to Install, Only need connect the HUD with Car OBD port by OBD cable, HUD will display when car engine on / off

5. Over-time driving Alarm, Low Voltage Alarm, Over-speed Alarm, High temperature Alarm, Engine faulty Alarm

6. KMH & MPH Switch Freely.

7. Compatiable for: Cars in OBD II Standard (after 2007 years)(Diesel cars, pure electric cars, hybrid cars cannot be used)

8. Installation position: On Center Console

9. Connection: Connect with Car OBD port

10. Display information: speed, RPM, water temperature, voltage, single driving distance, low voltage alarm, high water temperature alarm, over speed alarm, freely switch between kilometers & miles.

11. Multi-color design makes the screen clearer and easier to read

12. 5-level brightness adjustment, automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode

short pull up to switch display mode

mode 1: Speed + RPM

mode 2: Speed + Water Temperature

mode 3: speed

mode 4: Speed+ RPM + Water Temperature

Package List:

1* HUD body,

1* OBD data line,

1* reflection film,

1* anti-slip mat,

1* English Manual

Screen size:3.5 inch

Product size:90x54x12 mm

Product weight: 40g

How to Install the HUD Car Computer:

1. Insert the product into the check port on the vehicle OBD computer;

2. Insert the other end of the product into the data interface of the host;

3. After the product is inserted into the host and the car is started, wait for the communication linkage between A202 and the car;

4. After the linkage is successfully established, the host will send a “drop” sound, at the same the display screen displays vehicle protocols and then indicates that it is the first time the product is used to set up parameters. (International universal OBD plug protocol definitions stipulated by SAE).

Common problem:

Q1: Why does it automatically turn off after a period of time?

A1: Its default sleep time is 30s, So when your engine is turned off, it will automatically turn off after 30s .please choose “Sleep Time Set” to set the sleep time.

Q2: Why my car dashboard lights or fault alarm lights are caused to be lit up abnormally?

A2: When used in some cars, car dashboard lights or fault alarm lights are caused to be lit up abnormally, choose”Product inf” -“Matching inf” to see the solution, and use needle-nose pliers to twist off excess pins to eliminate such phenomena.

Additional information

Brand Name




Wire or Wireless


Size Name

90*54*14 mm

Output Frequency

car hud

Rated Power

DC9-16V, 12V

Material Type

ABS materia


New A900 car HUD head up display


speed, rpm, water temperature, voltage, low vo

Function :speed, rpm, water temperature

= 30dB (A)

External Testing Certification


Item Type

Alarm Systems & Security

Display Size

3.5 inch screen

47 reviews for Auto Hud Display 3.5″ Car Projector in The Car Alarm EOBD OBD2 Head Up Display Speedometer Windshield Car Electronic Accessories

  1. В***в

    Delivery fast, courier to the apartment, installed Kia Rio hline, had to trim the cover of the fuse box, TC did not close, does not match the speed from the car but it’s not critical, but everything is visible on lobovukhi, convenient…

    Color Name: OBD2-EOBD Ships From: Russian Federation

  2. B***y

    ВАЗ 2114 работает

    Color Name: OBD2-EOBD Ships From: Russian Federation

  3. V***h

    Quality is good. Checked everything works

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  4. 3***r

    Taiwan family safety driving this 뎝.

    Color Name: OBD2-EOBD Ships From: China

  5. E***v

    Paid 05.10.2021. Sent 06.10.2021. Delivered to Orenburg on 26.10.2021 (3 days were carried around the city to my post office!). Packed in factory carton. Everything is intact. Installed on Renault Logan 2010 in .. Tested. Works. The figures of the speed are large, you can not put the film, the other badges are small during the movement do not have time to see them. Everything suits me. The seller and I recommend it.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  6. g***r

    The parcel received in Kazakhstan in 1.5 months after sending. Came in one common with other parcels. All as in the photo. I haven’t checked yet. I think it’s gonna be okay. Seller Thank you! I put 5 stars!

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  7. R***n

    For this money, a good thing, until I checked

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  8. D***f

    Superior, in the sun a little hard to see but in large אחלה device

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  9. L***a

    Works surprisingly good. The information is displayed bright and clear into the windshield, with even no need to put & use the polarized sticker. It’s visible during daylight, and amazing at night. Recommended!

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  10. R***n

    Put on Cadillac srx2 restyling. Everything works. It is comfortable to track the speed when passing the fixation cameras.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  11. j***g

    To say without too much nicer. Lettering also distinctly, screen design also look nice.
    Reflective film glass window instead of machine for paste for use harness visibility for between four.
    Low even well. Film without glass for direct use the data storage is a little light Arthur unobtrusive let in
    Once compared test.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  12. P***v

    Very quickly came in a week or even less, a good thing, I advise

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: Russian Federation

  13. o***r

    Volvo XC90 diesel. The car speedometer and projector show the same values. Radar detector with GPS and projector difference by speed 5 km/h. Radar 87 km/h, projector 92 km/h.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: Russian Federation

  14. D***y

    Everything corresponds to the description. Especially pleased with the delivery! For a week on Kamchatka with dosavka home! This has not happened yet! I recommend the seller definitely! 10 stars)))

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: Russian Federation

  15. AliExpress Shopper

    가격대비 만족합니다.
    반사판 사이즈가 좀 작은것 같아서
    큰걸로 국내에 구매하시는것을 추천드립니다.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  16. K***p

    Ali so quickly all lines did not need
    S in DET
    Price contrast really good looks to ~~~
    Installation convenience charge

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  17. I***k

    Came quickly a good seller.
    I have not yet connected to check ..

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  18. D***V

    On the Octavia A5 2012 works “out of the box.” The goods are satisfied, the delivery is fast!

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: Russian Federation

  19. d***r

    Same as the photo, you have to test it, thanks AliExpress seller

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  20. g***r

    Buy ㅡ W ㅡ 22nd
    Buy ㅡ W ㅡ lime
    Domestic distributors in the product for Koyo
    Domestic than 7000 ㅡ 10000-degree W
    Cheap and fine.
    Fine size or array brightness
    Other than heard recognized the
    Friend favor with
    This time this year the four key

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  21. J***v

    It looks good. As described. I’ll install it in my car and update if something is wrong.
    Came quickly, well packed. Thank you!

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  22. b***b

    Commodity horizontally like Arthur purchased a month.
    Yet installed but componentry favorite dish.
    Low price fast shipping thank you.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  23. C***n

    This is my 2nd purchase…
    Arrived 10 days after purchase.
    It works fine. I am satisfied just to be able to see the driving speed on the HUD at this price.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  24. I***a

    Great stuff. Great seller. Fast delivery to Ukraine. I recommend it to everyone.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  25. M***n

    On the Mitsubishi Pajero 4 with a 3.2 L diesel engine is suitable. Turns on automatically when the engine runs over the voltage on the on-board network. But sometimes it turns on randomly, you approach the car, and the projection burns. Can put the battery.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: Russian Federation

  26. s***s

    It reached Yekaterinburg as quickly as possible, less than a week. Works as it should. Shows temperature and voltage when switching. Put on Toyota Corolla 150 2008. The sticker is too small. Without a sticker in sunny weather is almost invisible.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: Russian Federation

  27. A***v

    Thank you very much for the fast delivery, checked everything works fine! Seller recommend!!!

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: Russian Federation

  28. S***v

    Соответствует описанию.Продавца рекомендую.Быстрая доставка.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: Russian Federation

  29. S***v

    Это самая долгая “быстрая доставка”. Kia sportage 2008 disel(дизель) :работает. Устройством в целом доволен, дальнешая эксплуатация покажет.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: Russian Federation

  30. h***n

    Low even at night also very well threshold caustic Vidro well and very like it in an

    Color Name: A900

  31. c***c

    Shipping is fast.
    Two order should be opened for the saw
    Work well and good. The remaining one pieces also installed to look at.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  32. P***o

    Delivery 3 days from Moscow to KRD.
    On Mondeo 4 retype works fine)
    KAEF, now it’s convenient to drive the speed control cameras.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: Russian Federation

  33. V***h

    To the point of issue with Peter six days, judging by the package delivery from Russia, until it is overcast and in the sun to check, the speed and so can be seen without without without I’ll put the film on it, I’ll add it to the sun, I’ll stick the film to see how it will be from the smartphone

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  34. n***t

    For all five stars. delivery to the Lipetsk Region 9 days! This is the record. working perfectly Citroen Xsara Picasso 2001G is sure to add a review later (as practice shows not long pleased)

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: China

  35. י***ר

    Excellent working

    Color Name: A900

  36. A***f

    Товар прибыл в течении недели, доставил курьер.
    Описание соответствует, качество не плохое еще и за цену ниже 1К.
    включает в себя комбинацию скорости, вольтметра, температуры ОЖ, тахометр четко реагирует (1 деление = 250 об/мин).
    Подключается прям изи – воткнул в OBD разъем и погнали…)))
    В целом товаром очень доволен. Пленку бы чуть больше в комплект, размером с саму коробку упаковочную.

    Color Name: A900 Ships From: Russian Federation

  37. L***s

    Fast delivery, well packed, item if it meets published.

    Color Name: A900

  38. s***y

    Very excellent and fast in shipping and clear at night and day, such as clear in nuts

    Color Name: A900

  39. A***v

    Supersky display shows clearly only shows coolant temperature 40 ° do not know correctly wrong on the dashboard degree 60 °‍♂️ In general, we will test we will check later yet I will add a review as this display will show itself in the case after a while

    Color Name: A900

  40. M***a

    Very good equipment blyskawiczna shipping!!
    Highly recommended

    Color Name: A900

  41. e***m

    Shipping quickly grew and product without problems well has arrived, etc..
    Simple speed only coming out street use.
    This time rpm or coming water thermometer coming out of the living to saw
    Quipped with bad.
    Solid, body out of the light is the cover not like giving very easy.
    With gently hand for use but please just use those inconvenience, also can be as four EE

    Color Name: A900

  42. M***v

    All fire, took on Ford Focus 3, works as it should, everything shows, one but, the film in the kit is small in size, I would like more

    Color Name: A900

  43. S***v

    Everything went unharmed. I’ll connect-I’ll add a review.

    Color Name: A900

  44. M***l

    Brilliant but a bit complicated. Anyway seller will help you make it easy for you to install it

    Color Name: A900

  45. R***v

    Delivery to Tashkent took 55 days, everything was tracked, the projectors are reliably packed in a box and then each in a brand box with a cover. Previously took similar with less functionality and all of them are of good quality, these are also suitable for many of our Chevrolet machines and not only, Everything works correctly and shows, a friend set himself a similar one to spark and said he very much helped out, because. It shows the temperature of water (which is not on the sparks and cobalt and so on), it had a temperature of as much as 116 degrees and the engine almost boil, and it well if not for a similar projector, maybe he would have the engine would have died, I think I’ll order more and put myself this on cobalt, After all, it is more fancy than similar, the seller and I definitely recommend it!

    Color Name: A900

  46. A***v

    Everything works, cool thing, I advise everyone, 5 +

    Color Name: A900

  47. v***r

    Renault Megane 1 did not read, except for the voltage of the battery, and otherwise everything is fine.

    Color Name: A900

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