Hot liitokala 100% New Original NCR18650B 3.7 v 3400 mah 18650 Lithium Rechargeable Battery For Flashlight batteries (NO PCB)

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NCR18650B 3400mAh





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Batteries Only


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Replacement Battery


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50 reviews for Hot liitokala 100% New Original NCR18650B 3.7 v 3400 mah 18650 Lithium Rechargeable Battery For Flashlight batteries (NO PCB)

  1. v***v

    Batteries came true for a very long time on the way. Put on charging charged for 1500 probably already were charged for half

    Color: 3PCS

  2. G***j

    Long pancake 70 days walk wear caravan, price OK delivery darkness

    Color: 2PCS

  3. U***o

    батареи супер, как всегда. Беру не в первый раз, очень доволен. Продавец отличный, заряжены более чем на 75%. Как для аккумуляторов доставка быстрая. Рекомендую к покупке однозначно.

    Color: 2PCS

  4. A***y

    The product corresponds to the description and. Shipping fast. Delivery by land transport via Mongolia. There’s a track. Packed in a double layer of soft bags. Batch production date: 1318 (2021, 18 March). Low-current batteries: Load up to 6-7 amps (only turn banks, flashlights, toys, etc.). Average weight 46 grams. Voltage on all: 3,74 volts. We recommend the seller and the goods!

    Color: 4PCS

  5. G***n

    Good batteries, the charge is held for a long time. Delivery fast, three weeks, track number is traceable, seller recommend.

    Color: 2PCS

  6. C***l

    It took a little while to get there, it’s the second time he bought and all right.

    Color: 2PCS

  7. I***o

    All OK! 35 days delivery. The characteristics almost correspond. I recommend, thank you.

    Color: 2PCS

  8. L***r

    Mělo mě it dorazit 15. Zari až 5. října and dorazilo it Dnes, it them 6. Zari. Docela availab dobré, ne? As jsem PSAL for jiném místě, mám určitou Lupu, která them battery operated a nedostal jsem them k Ní. So jsem them objednal dodatečně and zatím jsem them zkoušel for tužkových. A teď me přišly you správné. As jsem čekal, So Se nabíjejí v pohodě. Takže prodejce doporučuji.

    Color: 2PCS

  9. S***v

    Delivery in Mo one and a half months through novosib. Ordered 4 PCs-all workers.

    Color: 4PCS

  10. P***v

    Отличное качество, как всегда! Спасибо магазину LiitoKala!
    При заказе не обратил внимание на слово Pointed, пришлось аккуратно демонтировать пины(см. фото). За одно избавился от прозрачной термоусадки.

    Color: 2PCS

  11. M***a

    I ‘ve done a test with the four batteries I ‘ve received and all of them have given me a capacity of approx 3600 mAh so all ok. That did take me a while to get them over a month.

    Color: 4PCS

  12. a***t

    batterie de très bonne qualité très bon vendeur, reçu de la Chine à la France en une quinzaine de jours très bon rapport qualité-prix je recommande le vendeur sans hésiter

    Color: 6PCS

  13. S***o

    Not the first time I order from this seller, I hope not the last. Everything is as always good, delivery to Dnepropetrovsk 31 days.

    Color: 6PCS

  14. A***v

    Delivery to Ukraine 40 days. Traffic is not tracked. The battery corresponds to the description.

    Color: 2PCS

  15. L***n

    Sooo long delivery. In St. Petersburg 45 days. Packed disgusting. Batteries dangled in a box, without branded boxes, without navel, in soft foam rubber. Based on the test results, the following

    Color: 2PCS

  16. C***S

    Product excellent quality!!! Both batteries and the charger. Really delivers what it promises. Recommend and buy more.

    Color: 20PCS

  17. O***n

    Доставка в Украину 50 дней. Выглядят качественно, вес 46 г каждый. Ёмкость допишу после теста.

    Color: 2PCS

  18. S***o

    Excellent seller, fast shipment, delivery to Ukraine “mist Express” 28 Days, tracked, in appearance quality, but only here is the internal resistance 111mr (multi-purpose)

    Color: 1PCS

  19. S***v

    Delivery to the Kirov region 44 days. Track number is not tracked. The package entered the post office of Russia. I checked the battery operation in the flashlight. The flashlight worked 3 hours U dropped from 3,81V to 3,17 v. Test charge-discharge-discharge (1000 ma-500ma) 6 hours 43 min. 3404 mAh (discharge) U 4,30v. The second battery worked in the flashlight 6 hours U dropped from 3,81V to 2,70v. Charge (1000 Ma) 2nd lasted 4 hours 18 min 3589 mAh 125mr. Let’s see how much is enough when working in a flashlight. I order not the first time. I recommend the goods and the seller!

    Color: 2PCS

  20. S***v

    Доставка в Ростовскую обл за месяц, проверю на зарядном дополню отзыв.

    Color: 2PCS

  21. 9***r

    Super. Delivery month to Barnaul. The capacity is consistent. Recommend. Who is interested in VN. Resistance see. Fotks

    Color: 4PCS

  22. Y***v

    The order arrived in two months, I order the second time, I’m happy, everything works, I recommend the goods and the seller

    Color: 2PCS

  23. V***y

    Заказ пришел за месяц. Аккумуляторы соответствуют описанию, дата изготовления 2020 г. Проверил емкость: 3358 и 3432, что нормально. Заказываю часто здесь аккумуляторы. Рекомендую продавца.

    Color: 2PCS

  24. R***x

    Good. Recharged 6 of 20. Capacity around 3200-3400 mah. More feedback coming later.

    Color: 20PCS

  25. t***r


    Color: 2PCS

  26. R***s

    Доставка до Курска ровно месяц. Упаковка не понравилась, обычный пакет с однослойной пупыркой, которая была вся лопнута, не знаю что с ней делали. С виду аккумуляторы вроде бы не повреждены. Какого года они, я так и не понял(фото ниже) замерить к сожалению нечем, либо дам другу на проверку, либо уже на рыбалке в фонаре проверю, отзыв ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО дополню.

    Color: 3PCS

  27. N***o

    Came charged 1,52 v how long will serve we’ll look at the remote control. Came quickly 20 days.

    Color: 6PCS

  28. S***n

    Batteries received thank you. All have voltage 3,6v. Batteries are heavy. Put on charge. To seller Thank you for shipping. Let’s see how they work.

    Color: 6PCS

  29. P***v

    Delivery 60-70 days, ordered in early May-came to the Mail in July, I think for a very long time and I think our mail of Great Russia as always in the ass ((in principle, it is normal, not a look whole and not yuzane

    Color: 2PCS

  30. V***v

    Delivery just over a month by mail of Russia. Lohonjol ordered 6 akumov for 999 rubles, and a week later for 800 took 10 more pieces. Akuma norms, took Pro Stock, resistance from 25 to 33.6, charged half, when charging, the capacity produces about a norm.

    Color: 6PCS

  31. D***k

    Like good batteries, for how many years they will not know yet 🙂

    Color: 4PCS

  32. L***r

    The product is as described. Looks good quality. On the QR code label you can read “Made in China” but on the packaging it is written “Made in Japan”. You don’t know the reality. It has taken almost 3 months to arrive. I ‘ve paid 7 taxes. I bought 10 batteries and I found 2,5 € the piece. I ‘ve tried some and they work very well. I ‘ve measured the capacity of some batteries. With a slow download (in 13 hours it has given me 3222 mAh). With an average download (8 hours) you gave me 3150 mAh with 3 copies. I think they’re good. It is not what has been described (3400 mAh) but it is not very far. I recommend the seller

    Color: 10PCS

  33. AliExpress Shopper

    Ordered 20.04.2021. The parcel was sent on 21.04.2021. In the Nizhny Novgorod region delivered 21.06.2021. Track number was tracked only on China territory. The battery came without damage. Voltage of 3.63 V. Weight 47G (weighing the kitchen scales Rolsen).
    Dimensions: length 66.7mm, diameter 18.5mm (photo 2). Capacity did not check. I bought for a headlamp (photo 3, 4).

    Color: 1PCS

  34. R***s

    The battery is ready to catch up with dovgo, ale comes to the next robochy. The цілому заявленій ємності відповідає. Dimensions tag yak in description. Chi orignalny skazati can not and maximum stream and I will not turn out without digestion, ale purchase of stuff.
    To Ukraine, the trophies were delivered to bialshe yak for 2 cities.

    Color: 1PCS

  35. AliExpress Shopper

    Canadian here, my batterys were full capacity 3000+ These are legit. Tested them with battery charger/tester. They cross the border just fine. Marked as battery charger instead, so they not flagged as hazard.

    Color: 20PCS

  36. S***R

    Batteries came in the RB very quickly, about 2 weeks. The weight is about the same, charged half. In principle, I’m happy with everything, because. We have the cost of batteries much more expensive. Ordered more.

    Color: 4PCS

  37. K***h

    Everything corresponds to the description. The seller sent quickly, delivery to St. Petersburg a month. Shop recommend. Thank you I will order more.

    Color: 3PCS

  38. AliExpress Shopper

    Доставка 38 дней. всегда покупаю такие аккумуляторы. качество отличное. заметил что изменился минусовая площадка.

    Color: 1PCS

  39. R***r

    Like that. Took for a flashlight. Delivery is long, in another way.

    Color: 4PCS

  40. R***y

    доставка 2 месяца отслеживалась с приложением 17 трек до Новосибирска по России отслеживание не было заказываю в пятый раз в этот раз ёмкость была меньше и вес меньше до этого приходили ёмкость 3500 и вес 48 г

    Color: 2PCS

  41. A***V

    Packed in pupyrku. Since the order, delivery 45 days. All batteries were charged up to 3.7 volts (plus, minus millivolts). Immediately were fully charged to 4,2 v. True, the multimeter shows 4,16 in. The first charge on the device was taken about 2000 milliampere. After the second charge, I will add a review.

    Color: 4PCS

  42. O***l

    Capacity around 3000mah. I guess its OK. Shipping was very slow.

    Color: 4PCS

  43. d***o

    The parcel came for 50 days in the Donetsk region. In fact 3000 Ma/H, weight 47G. For this money you can take. Recommend продовца ставлю +++++.

    Color: 20PCS

  44. A***r

    Thank you Delivery 15 days, at ukrmail .. came with 3.62V voltage. ordered 3 PCs. For $5.91.

    Color: 3PCS

  45. I***o

    Batteries Super! All as stated. Delivery to Kiev is true more than 2 months .. I ‘ve even opened a dispute. Near sfotcal a piece of shit (red), which bought from another seller for almost the same money .. Capacity 600 mA. a green top!

    Color: 3PCS

  46. V***a

    The goods came in 31 days, everything is fine.
    The goods arrived in 31 days, everything is fine.

    Color: 10PCS

  47. y***i

    April per day in order to.
    Figure-in has arrived.
    Shipping is fast and product also great.
    Thank you very much.

    Color: 6PCS

  48. E***o

    Come. But the delivery is long. extended the waiting time several times.

    Color: 2PCS

  49. M***v

    Batteries with the form of norms. Packed simple, but in several layers. Don’t pray and okay. Went very long, just over a month and a half. By China were tracked, but in Russia there is no. But the seller did well, patiently answered the questions, “Do not worry, everything will come, wait.” Postman blossom into the mailbox. poyuzai, I’ll add a review

    Color: 2PCS

  50. i***r

    Batteries super mega quality. Advise. Really on top. It’s the best battery firm. The parcel was sent a month and a half by the seller on the same day. Advise

    Color: 2PCS

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