DIENQI Carbon Fiber Card Holder Wallets Men Brand Rfid Black Magic Trifold Leather Slim Mini Wallet Small Money Bag Male Purses

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The logo don’t have any color ,it’s the color of the leaher !
PleaseChoose Name Service OrderOr we will ship it out without Name

1.Please give us your name within 24 hours or we will add the receiver name on the wallet.

2. Usually it take 1 days to engrave the name.

3. No guarantee of return or exchange for engraving items.

4. The text should not be too long.

5. Please contact us if you have any other question about engraving (patternengraving or special area and so on ).
Whatsapp (+8613824766459) or Wechate (18922273864)

The BestAluminumMetal Case in aliexpress
304 stainless steel aviation aluminum

Number :C1804H1

This Is Not a Simple Metal Card Wallet

It Also Has Anti-theft Function

Note: to prevent theft refers to the credit card information being stolen.

Some buyer ( Especially Israeli buyers)said it can’t close .Because they think the back as the front.
Please use the correct way !

Additional information

Brand Name


Main Material




Wallet Length


Item Weight

100 g

Lining Material

Synthetic Leather

Item Height


Material Composition

synthetic leather

Pattern Type




Model Number



Note Compartment, Card Holder

Item Width

6.5 cm



Item Length


Item Type


Closure Type

No zipper


Mini Wallets



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rfid wallet

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men wallet

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high quality wallet

key word 4

carbon fiber wallet

key word 5

wallet trifold

key word 6

customize wallet

key word 7

magic wallet

key word 8

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key word 10

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50 reviews for DIENQI Carbon Fiber Card Holder Wallets Men Brand Rfid Black Magic Trifold Leather Slim Mini Wallet Small Money Bag Male Purses

  1. N***i

    Arrived, as described

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  2. AliExpress Shopper

    Bon produit

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  3. R***a

    Like enough product, good quality leather and seems which places card is iron. Just need money.

    Color: Black(Name Service)

  4. H***a

    Wallet super small and comfortable material very beautiful, not fit the RG Brasil, But CNH fits. No pocket for coins. Button stand cards works perfectly.

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  5. Y***s

    Beautiful and small equal to the photo, if you give the name
    Well in your box

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  6. A***v

    выглядит красиво, но по большому счету вещь бес полезная, имитация карбона при клеена на двух сторонний скотч, в отделение для карт, входит 6 карт но пользоваться вы будете одной крайней, либо нужно пинцет с собой носить, либо всю пачку вытаскивать очень уж плотно они сидят, налички тоже много не положишь 4-5 купюр и кошель не закрываеться, пластиковый кармашек разматается где-то через месяц, в общем херь полная, остоëтся подарить кому не буть кого терпеть не можешь

    Color: Carbon Fiber

  7. d***g

    Small but valid

    Color: Black

  8. E***c

    Es tal cual se ve en la foto. Llegó rápido

    Color: Black

  9. r***o

    En as described on the page, a vote in favor of buestro would be to put a small veneer on the imtied flap to keep it closed✌

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  10. S***o

    I come fast and there’s a good product. The name is in the right place. It could look better and Mark, depends on the color of the wallet looks better or worse.

    Color: Red(Name Service)

  11. T***s

    Really like in description, product has good quality and can make a good organization. Have maquinhinha and approximation lock wallet works.

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  12. k***n

    Beautiful, clear text , compact Even if I waited with days Dr top stand pullover hoodie สวยม าก alphabet contrast small compact very good super pleasant though Ron//To bit

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  13. E***a

    Dienqi that wallet well made sensational, will indicate to people buy, she is tiny.

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  14. G***e

    I arrive surprisingly fast, less than 2 weeks recommended for anyone using 6 or less cards and not carrying many papers or cash, likes it is what I needed since I no longer use cash, still tickets enter quietly

    Color: Carbon Fiber

  15. B***a

    Thought the name was more visible .. But the wallet is great and her designer is show

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  16. j***j

    Excellent product, it took 17 days to arrive. I bought 2 wallets and they arrived marked as I ordered them, they are leather and good quality

    Color: Coffee(Name Service)

  17. C***r

    Very cute the color of the leather, it looks all very well cooked and the size is perfect for the cards. I highly recommend it!

    Color: Brown(Name Service)

  18. c***o

    The product arrived quickly and in good condition good quality in its materials, very satisfied with the purchase.

    Color: Carbon Fiber

  19. R***s

    The principle I strange to see the wallet is very small, but, when started using saw that is very cool, compact, space-saving, besides, is idea for it not like walk with money pocket

    Color: Brown(Name Service)

  20. T***a

    מוצר מעולה. עומד בהבטחה . אני מרוצה. שווה את המחיר בהחלט. חריטת השם מצויינת. תודה רבה

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  21. A***i

    Perfect as described. Card pop out works very well.

    Color: Black

  22. Y***r

    It is noted that it is of good quality and justó arrived on time

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  23. AliExpress Shopper

    The wallet is nice, comunication with the seller was difficult, they seem to prefer engraving “regular” names( ex. Tim , Ben, etc.) as opposed to acronyms or any other letters or punctuation marks, so if your name is any “easy” name this is your seller, the quality of wallet seems alright.

    Color: Black(Name Service)

  24. L***z

    I arrive fast, name correctly engraved. The touch is very good and does not occupy anything

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  25. R***V

    The wallet is of good quality, has a nice touch finish and its size is very suitable. I like the way the cards are drawn, as they are fixed inside and when the lever is released, without the possibility of falling or leaving alone.

    The negative part: the area designed for banknotes is a piece of plastic attached to the portfolio which, while performing its function, remains a bit steep compared to the rest of the portfolio. On the other hand, it would be nice if the wallet could be completely closed with a magnet or a rope.

    It is usually very good portfolio and I recommend it for how compact it is and the card system.

    Color: Carbon Fiber

  26. A***z

    They’re very good quality Price. Very soft on the outside. It’s for 5 cards. I recommend them.

    Color: Coffee(Name Service)

  27. G***s


    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  28. D***o

    It came very fast and looks like it’s all right

    Color: Carbon Fiber

  29. H***u

    En very cool is the same as in the images and engraving of the perfect name and the quality is very good completion and the price it has is almost given away by q and found triple the q is worth this and without engraving thanks and even the future purchase

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  30. F***z

    All perfect fast delivery and good quality

    Color: Brown(Name Service)

  31. a***z

    Perfect, I have the brand that costs 60 € and it’s the same!!

    Color: Black(Name Service)

  32. S***s

    Pretty fast shipping and perfect customization service, very good finishes quality price is unbeatable all very right and very comfortable and compact wallet. The day I break or lose, I’ll come back for another one.

    Color: Black(Name Service)

  33. AliExpress Shopper

    עשיתי שיפצור הוספתי דבק דו צדדיי מושלם עכשיו גם מקום לכסף קטן

    Color: Coffee

  34. J***B

    Very small but pretty and I arrive very fast thank you!

    Color: Brown(Name Service)

  35. A***s

    Great quality, but is very compact. Maximum about 5 cards and three document.

    Color: Brown

  36. D***v

    I like that little wallet. Sometimes when I go drink I like to have just only few dollars with me and few cards, so the wallet not takes much room in my pocket.

    Color: Red(Name Service)

  37. P***i

    Very good product, I arrive fast and well, very satisfied with the product, it only takes 2 weeks or less.

    Color: Carbon Fiber

  38. I***s

    Preciosa. muy buenos acabados. el grabado del nombre perfecto. la atención del vendedor impresionante. recomiendo al 100%! vino muy rapido y muy bien empaquetada

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  39. A***s

    She has good touch, she’s finite. As described in the announcement.

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  40. T***H

    It came quickly enough. The inscription is made as requested. The purse did not fit me a little in the fact that it remains semi-opened.

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  41. c***a

    The product has arrived very fast, very happy

    Color: Black

  42. T***c

    I ordered the wallet on 20.4. and got it on 7.5. The wallet looks as described. It is small and compact. It does not have strong cheap leather smell. The only downside is that if you put it on wrong side, it won’t stay close. It stays quarter open.

    Color: Black

  43. J***z

    Miy well, the engraving is fine. Quality Exelant price, I have bought more to give away, but with lateral engraving.

    Color: Brown

  44. J***z

    Tal cual

    Color: Brown(Name Service)

  45. M***N


    Color: Grey

  46. 2***r

    This is probably the best wallet I have bought in twenty years.

    It’s made from quality materials. Fits great in the pocket. And the customization is amazing!!

    Compared to other RFID safe wallets, this one worked when I tested it with an amplified rfid scanner.

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  47. B***o

    Received items as described. Fast shipping and delivery. workmanship very good, price not expensive.

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

  48. AliExpress Shopper

    Very decent quality for the price, it is impossible for you to occupy less one wallet to carry cards and tickets. Cards can be picked up very easily if you hit the lever at the bottom. The very nice laser inscription. I recommend it

    Color: Black(Name Service)

  49. E***d

    Because of the bulging numbers in the main compartment, only 4 cards are inserted, if the cards turn the alternate numbers on the left, then you can probably fit 6 cards. The material is similar to leatherette, rubberized at the edges. In general, I’m happy.

    Color: Black

  50. N***M

    A product too excellent. Very small and just for my needs.

    I wish you had a magnet to close the lid, as the lid is unadjusted.
    But the product seemed excellent to me.

    It came the same month. Colombia

    Color: Carbon(Name Service)

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