BEILI Black Makeup brushes set Professional Natural goat hair brushes Foundation Powder Contour Eyeshadow make up brushes

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Black 30PCS Brushes,including 100% Natural goat hair,synthetic hair and pony hair.

—Goat hair

–Pony hair

–Nano fiber

–synthetic hair

This set is complete 30pcs which are all the brushes we need,perfect for personally use or professional,and a wonderfull gift.The things we do for love and beauty, which are BEILI always insist do.These brushes are a must have!

For Blending Eye brushes

we special choose Natural goat pony hair,Natural goat hair Touch skin -friendly and will have ice muscle touch,suitable for all skin types with no stimulation .Natural animal hair are softness like no other.They are fluffy and have excellent ability to grasp powder.It can apply amazing blending and apply makeup evenly. And eyebrow and eyeliner are thin and Precise.

Nano fiber

they are made from Nanofiber and synthetic hair,They are soft and dense with different shape and normal sizes.High-tech Nanofiber Hair with Fine Soft Texture,super smooth touch,Good ability to grasp powder like animal hair, while they are antibacterial and easy to clean.

1.Large Powder 4.2cm/17.7cm
2.Flat Foundation Brush 2.5cm/16.5cm
3.Round Foundation Brush2.9cm/16.5cm
4.Stippling Brush 4cm/17.4cm
(1/2/3/4 Synthetic hair)

5.Powder 5cm/18cm
6.Angled Foundation Brush 2.7cm/16.1cm
7.Loose Powder Brush 3.5cm/17cm
8.Blush Brush 3.4cm/17.5cm
(5/7 Nano Fiber hair)
(6/8 Synthetic hair)

9.Stippling Brush 3cm/16cm
10.Highlight Brush 3.5cm/17.5cm
11.Face Shape Brush 2.2cm/16.7cm
12.Blusher Brush 3.5cm/17.5cm
13.Face Paint 1.9cm/15.5cm
(9/11 Synthetic hair)
(10/12/13 Nano Fiber hair)

14.Shadow Shader 1.5cm/17cm
15.Concealer Brush 1.9cm/17.3cm
16.Flat Shader 1.2cm/17.2cm
17.Eyeshadow brush 1.8cm/17.8cm
18.Eye Blending 1.5cm/17.5cm
19.Detail Blending 1.6cm/17.6cm
(14/16/17/18/19 goat hair)
(15 synthetic hair)

20.Crease Blender 1cm/17cm
21.Flat Shader 1.5cm/17.5cm
22.Small Shadow 0.8cm/16.8cm
23.Flat Blending 1.5cm/17.5cm
24.Brow Brush 0.5cm/16.5cm
25.Tapered Blending 1.5cm/17.5cm
(20/21/22/24 synthetic hair)
(23/25 goat hair)

26.Small Pencil 0.9cm/17cm
27.Smokey Shader 0.8cm/17.4cm
28.Detail Liner 0.5cm/17cm
29.Small Liner 0.7cm/17.3cm
30.Brow/Liner Brush 0.5cm/17cm
(26 goat hair)
(27 pony hair)
(28/29/30 synthetic hair)

It is recommended to use soap-free,non -alcoholic,PH value is weakly acidic detergent. I am used to use the shampoo and hair essential oils to care
Hope BEILI brushes can help you as always,thanks

Steps to clean the natural hair makeup brushes

1.Wet the bristles with clean water. (below 40℃)
2.Place a drop of makeup brush cleanser
3.Gently massage the tips of the bristles in your palm.
4.Rinse the bristles.
5.Squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean towel.
6.Reshape and let it dry upside down
7.Please avoid touching the water directly with the wooden handle during the whole cleaning

Additional information

Brand Name


Number of Pieces




Brush Material

Goat Hair, Synthetic Hair, Wool Fiber, Horse Hair


mostly 30Pieces Make Up Brushes

Model Number



Regular size

Used With

Sets & Kits

Handle Material


Item Type

Makeup Brush


Shinny Black handle Silver ferrule




high quality Goat hair, synthetic hair, Pony hair

Used As

Foundation/Concealer/Eye shadow/Eyebrow/Eyeliner/Highlight/Definer

Made for

Makeup Artists/ MUA/ Makeup Lover /Makeup Learner



15 reviews for BEILI Black Makeup brushes set Professional Natural goat hair brushes Foundation Powder Contour Eyeshadow make up brushes

  1. l***l

    The goods came very quickly, in three days in St. Petersburg. Brushes and natural and synthetic. The pile lies tight. We’ll try to work. Recommend seller

    Handle Color: B-30pcs Ships From: Russian Federation

  2. AliExpress Shopper

    They’re just as seen in the picture. The order arrived much faster than other items ordered earlier. I highly recommend the seller. Thank you so much!

    Handle Color: B-30pcs Ships From: China

  3. AliExpress Shopper

    The order came 6 days before Pyaterochka. Sent the same day you paid the order. Packed well. The brushes themselves were in a box and each individually packed. The quality is good, softer than the brushes from Manly. I haven’t tried it yet.

    Handle Color: E15 Ships From: Russian Federation

  4. Y***a

    The goods quickly sent, good quality goods, I recommend to everyone

    Handle Color: B-22pcs Ships From: Russian Federation

  5. AliExpress Shopper

    All the same cool, came a blow of the blind and in a good machine)))

    Handle Color: 15YANG Ships From: Ukraine

  6. L***e

    Arrived fast! In 13 days in my hands here in Brazil
    Thank you!!❤\

    Handle Color: B-30pcs Ships From: China

  7. N***k

    Brushes now come in a normal carton box. All in perfect condition. Packed well enough. From Moscow to my city (about 1000 km) came in 5 days. All the brushes are in a plastic bag, one of them has a mesh. Tightly clogged pile, hair does not get out. Brushes with their task perfectly cope, I order the party for the second time, comes without any complaints. The order is completely satisfied, I recommend the supplier.

    Handle Color: B-12pcs Ships From: Russian Federation

  8. C***e

    The quality of the brushes is very good! Much like the quality of much more expensive brands.

    Handle Color: B-30pcs Ships From: SPAIN

  9. AliExpress Shopper

    Tassels went ~ 3 weeks. Packed in a pooper and a box. Although the box was damaged during transportation, the brushes themselves are whole. Each brush in individual packaging, there is no smell, soft to the touch, stuffed well.
    On quality after washing has not yet checked

    Handle Color: E15 Ships From: China

  10. AliExpress Shopper

    I actually really like them the quality of the brushes is so good.

    Handle Color: B-30pcs Ships From: United States

  11. S***a

    Brushes liked, in the kit comes out cheaper, you can choose any set.

    Handle Color: B10-2 Ships From: Russian Federation

  12. V***a

    Класс, очень довольна покупкой. Брала для личного использования, хотела взять пару основных, но решила взять большой набор по скидке))))) качество кистей классное, очень мягкие (у меня очень чувствительная кожа и мне достаточно тяжело угадать с мягкостью ((((Ворсы, метал и рукоятка ок, возможно после длительного использования у меня поменяется мнение, но этот набор лучшее, чем то что видела в магазинах в таком ценовом сегменте. Единственное я сразу помыла их шампунькой вкусной тк был запах чуть, не очень приятный после распаковки, шампунь помог))) Спасибо магазину за товар и быструю доставку!!!!!

    Handle Color: B-30pcs Ships From: Ukraine

  13. y***y

    Just beautiful brushes! We came for 5 days ukrpochtoyu. The trough box was damaged, ale 3 goods in order. I’m just hanging around, I’m selling it.

    Handle Color: BN-15pcs Ships From: Ukraine

  14. D***v

    Brushes in Moscow came very quickly (the order was decorated with 15.06, it was already possible to pick up 17.06 in the evening). Qualitative, tightly stuffed, correspond to the description

    Handle Color: B-20pcs Ships From: Russian Federation

  15. AliExpress Shopper

    Am a professional makeup artist, have almost 100 brushes and can garatir that these are very awesome.
    I am very happy and satisfied, arrived all very fast and perfect. Thanks to be excellent attentive❤
    > The seller was very attentive even sent message in a day and he answered in another.
    > Not taxed, asked to declare a lower value $10 and declared 7 $.
    > Arrived in 10 days in Santa Catarina.
    > All brushes arrived perfect and individually wrapped.
    > Are of excellent quality and very soft.
    > Always wash your brushes with mild shampoo (or moisturizing) and pass conditioner.
    > Not rub Natural bristle brushes, massaging very gently wash.
    > Wash the cable with shampoo and do not rub the writing.
    > Wash always with the bristles down, so no water inside Bolt.
    > All washed and the one who left some bristles was kabuki, but very little and nothing disturbing.

    Handle Color: B-30pcs Ships From: China

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