DownyPaws Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain Motion Sensor Dog Dispenser Filter Automatic Drinker Stainless Steel Pet Feeder

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DownyPaws™ Wireless Automatic Pet Water Fountain

One Machine Meets All Needs

– Saves power and extend lifespan.

DC Plug-in Power + Battery Operated(Wireless)
– Solve the cable winding problem.

2L large capacity is great for dogs, cats, multiple pet households.

Product Features

1. Motion Activation Mode + Normal Mode(constant flow) to choose from;
(IR SENSOR mode saves power and extend longevity of the pump)
2. Plug-in DC power with backup battery compartment in case of a power cut(1USB cable included, 4 x AA batteries excluded);
3. Filter replacement reminder+Low (battery) power reminder;
4. Auto SHUT-OFF pump with LED light;
5. SUPER QUIET pump for light sleepers and a cat friendly environment;
6. More hygienic and easy-to-clean stainless steel top;
7. The lid has buckles to snap the top pieces into place and prevent tipping over;
8. Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to clean and maintain.

Product Specification

Capacity: 2L
Working Voltage/Current: 5V-1000mA
Input Power: 5V-1000mA
Material: Food-grade ABS + Stainless Steel
Item Size: Approx. 20.4 x 21.4 x 11.5cm

Standard Kit

All You Get In The Package

1 x Pet Water Fountain
1 x Filter
1 x USB Cable(Adapter not included)
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual
1 x Original Brand Box

Product Show

Upgraded Water Circulation & Purification System

The use of high-end coconut shell activated charcoal & ion exchange resin filter ensures the strongest filterability of catching everything(hair, heavy metals, even the invisible), and the drinking safety to your fur babies since the PP cotton layer and the charcoal are all food grade.

Stainless Steel Top

The stainless steel top of this cat waterer is much cleaner, more hygienic, and easier to maintain(dish-washer safe) than a plastic top, and the locking lid helps avoid mess from tipping over.


AUTO mode: Fancy blue light turns on and water comes outs as your pet enters into the sensing area(sensing angle: 120°| sensing distance: 1.2 meters/3.93ft), and shuts down when pet leaves. The built-in sensor helps save power and extend the longevity of the water fountain, especially makes the backup battery last when the cat fountain auto switches to battery supply in case of a power cut.

DC Plug-in Power + Battery Backup

Run on plug-in power for indoor use, or batteries for outside use, or both for the added battery backup feature: Load batteries and then plug in, it will default to DC power priority, but once a power cut occurs, it will auto switch to battery power supply and auto mode to continuously work with the least battery consumption to let you be absent as long as it possible(up to 20 days), with the peace of mind that pets’ water supply won’t be interrupted.

4 x AA Batteries(excluded) can last for up to 20 days(25000 Sensing times) in auto mode(Lab data based on 1 cat) due to the ultra-low power consumption pump.

Filter Replacement Reminder

DownyPaws cat drinking fountains have thought of everything in design: The filter replacement indicator will turn on when filter reaches to the life span to remind you of a change; The low (battery) power indicator will flash when low battery level to remind you to arrange battery replacement in time.

Auto SHUT-OFF pump with LED light

When in low water level, the pump will automatically stop working to protect itself from burning out, and at the same time, LED light turns on red to remind of a refill. LED light glows dim blue while working, which is sufficient to help see water level easier in the dark, yet comfortable to your eyes( a great plus for light sleepers).

Make Everything Simple

Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to clean and maintain.
Note: Battery compartment not washable.

Super QUIET + Low Power + Long Lasting Pump

The sheer silence(≤35db) of this water fountains make it the most friendly one that cats can trust and pet parents(especially light sleepers) can get used to while sleeping. 1W low power and 5V low voltage pump saves a ton more on the electricity bill and outlasts all other brand on account of an superior motor and inbuilt pump filter to save the pump from blockage and damage.

Additional information

Brand Name


Time Setting


Max Output


With Water Dispenser


Power Source




Min Output



Stainless Steel, Food-grade ABS + Stainless Steel

Plug Type


LCD Display




Is Smart Device



Transparent & White



Fountain Size


Maximum Capacity


Suitable for

Cats, Small Medium Dogs


Birthday / Christmas / New Year Gift for Your Pets

Feature 1

Motion Activation Mode

Feature 2

Battery & DC dual power supplies

Feature 3

Filter Replacement Reminder

24 reviews for DownyPaws Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain Motion Sensor Dog Dispenser Filter Automatic Drinker Stainless Steel Pet Feeder

  1. K***y

    Amazing and thank you for the gift!!

    Color: FS24-Full Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  2. A***v


    Color: FS24-Standard Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: Russian Federation

  3. N***a

    Very comfortable drinking bowl and, most importantly, now you can not worry about the thirst of the cat 🙂

    Color: FS23-Standard Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: Russian Federation

  4. M***o

    I just installed it and it works perfectly.
    The cat loved it.
    It disconnects when there’s no one.
    It doesn’t just make noise.

    Color: FS23-Full Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  5. d***v

    Delivery class, quickly. The quality of the plastic is excellent. There is no smell. the pump is not heard at all. The cat is confused about what to do with it. Only his paws are wet. We’re waiting for you to drink.

    Color: FS24-Standard Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: Russian Federation

  6. N***a

    Delivered in 10 days to postomat. Packed well, the equipment corresponds. Very high quality goods, there is nothing to complain about.
    Cats while they look, I hope, will appreciate.
    Thanks suppression for the cute gift

    Color: FS23-Non-slip Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  7. A***a

    The seller is excellent, quickly sent the goods, everything was tracked, brought the courier unexpectedly-called that in a few minutes it will arrive (Yandex. Taxi), so when you order you order Well, now about the main)) for a long time chose the fountain, before I did not have any such toys. I stopped on this model and was not mistaken. I did not find any shortcomings, I had to solve the problem of how to teach the cat to the fountain. My cat is unfortunately a conservative and it is very difficult to teach to new developments of progress (to the closed toilet for several months accustomed). But in the end, I took it out of the sea and he quickly learned how to use the fountain. So, advantages: 1. quality plastic, reliable, not flimsy, nowhere is nothing luftitis; 2. Heavy, accidentally do not flip; 3.with a motion sensor, works when the cat is suitable, respectively saves the filter; 4.on batteries, you can put rechargeable batteries through and at the same the

    Color: FS23-Filter Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: Russian Federation

  8. E***a

    I bought this thing to at least somehow teach the kitten to water-he did not drink at all! The first impression is very pleasant. Good assembly, design, no smell and noise. The sensor works well. The kitten began to drink after 10 min after installation! Fantastic! Bravo! 10 stars!

    Color: FS23-Non-slip Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  9. c***r

    Top I love I put batteries but it lasts only 4 to 5j suddenly will go bought rechargeable batteries

    Color: FS23-Standard Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  10. A***v

    A cat like drinks, and a cat does not want

    Color: FS24-Full Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: Russian Federation

  11. R***r

    Excellent, comfortable, quiet drinker for our cat. When the cat passes by, it will be necessary to ask what is there? And drink at the same time. The seller of the store is contact, polite and very attentive to buyers. We have some problem with sending first parcel. The seller offered to send again at the previous price (there were discounts and bonuses). The track was tracked, delivered to Moscow very quickly, packed on conscience. More often would have met such shops on AliExpress.

    Color: FS23-Standard Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: Russian Federation

  12. J***a

    Works, all is well .. Only the speed of water supply is not adjustable-either in automatic mode works constantly, or in normal with the sensor. My cat was afraid to drink from him first, now we get used to it slowly. Stylish, beautiful fountain, works quietly, stopped its choice on it, TK it is wireless (can work from batteries, and from the network). The seller is very kind and responsive, answers the questions immediately and with the violins all shows + did not find any filters for this drinkware in his store, he sent me. Nice when there is feedback))

    Color: FS24-Standard Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  13. L***a

    Small water fountain for cat or dog very practical with its detector. The fountain s stops automatically and restores as soon as we pass in front of the light s then turns on in blue to show that it is according to mount and disassemble easily I am completely satisfied

    Color: FS24-Filter Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  14. O***a

    The fountain really liked, silent, delivered quickly. the cat first washed his paws, but then it came to him for what it is)))

    Color: FS23-Standard Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: Russian Federation

  15. j***s

    It’s excellent.
    Second source I buy and it’s great because it’s TA plus it’s wireless, which makes it more functional. It took only 13 days.
    1000% recommended.

    Color: FS23-Filter Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  16. A***a

    The order arrived a little before the time indicated and in perfect condition. The source is very easy to mount and works very well. It’s very quiet, it lights up when our cat comes up and so it’s not working all the time, you can get batteries to keep running even if the light goes away. At the moment we are happy and our cat drinks more water than before.

    Color: FS23-Filter Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  17. Ş***ş

    Good quality of material.. Fast and trouble-free delivery.. My cat loved it.. Urine rate increased.. Thank you..

    Color: FS23-Filter Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  18. g***a

    Easy to Assemble. Silent. the seller answered all questions. Shipping fast. The cat is still getting acquainted with the fountain. The motion sensor is working. Powered by network and batteries. It is very convenient.

    Color: FS23-Filter Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: Russian Federation

  19. AliExpress Shopper

    Received quickly, very nice fountain. The Cats have already adopted it. Flows automatically with detector, it turns on in blue when the cat approaches (120 ° and about 1m)
    I would put a return in a while
    No communication with the seller, everything went well

    Color: FS23-Filter Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  20. M***a

    The goods received quickly, the seller is sociable, the track number was tracked. I order in this store for the second time. Everything pleases! The drinking bowl is made of quality material, the assembly is good. The light smell flew away after the first wash before use. During operation, the blue backlight is lit, the red indicator warns about the low water level. Works both from batteries, and from the power supply (charging the phone). The automatic mode together with the IR sensor saves energy, in normal mode, the drinker Pachet without stops. Our dogs drink water from this drinker without problems. On yutuba you can find a detailed review of this drinker called “automatic drinking bowl for dogs. Fountain, dispenser, drinking bowl for cats downypaws “. It looks cool, I recommend it to everyone!

    Color: Non-slip Mat Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  21. M***o

    Это реально лучший девайс для животных из всех, которые у меня были!
    Встречайте — фонтан для котов))
    Если ваш любимец пьёт мало воды или ему нужно пить её больше для здоровья, то это приспособление для вас!
    Полная комплектация: все надёжно запаковано, есть аккумулятор, провод для зарядки, водный фильтр, коврик, даже щеточка, а ещё продавец положил брелок в подарок, очень приятно)))
    Доступная инструкция на несколько языках, в том числе на русском, я быстро разобралась))
    Сам процесс вызывает море эмоций, я довольна, кот доволен, а это замечательно))
    Заказ отправили быстро и отслеживался, ждала я его совсем не долго))
    Сервис на высшем уровне, я всем искренне советую к приобретению этот невероятный фонтан)))
    Спасибо большое продавцу!

    Color: Non-slip Mat Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  22. O***n

    Очень классный , продуманный технологически , компактный и тихий. Мои питомцы сразу признали в нем своего )

    Color: Standard Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  23. Y***y

    Great drinker. Very quiet. Our seals are already used to it)

    Color: Non-slip Mat Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

  24. A***v

    Поилка очень понравилась нам и нашим кошкам Вода всегда свежая, фильтр отличный, кошки всегда пьют с удовольствием. Очень понравилось, что работает как от батареек, так и от сети — очень удобно. Не нужно ставить около розетки. Работает супер-бесшумно, индикатор подсказывает, когда заменить фильтр и когда нужно долить воду. Покупкой очень доволен, продавец всегда на связи, отвечает на любой вопрос. Однозначно рекомендую!

    Color: Filter Kit Volume: 2L Ships From: CN

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