Hunthosue Topwater Pencil Fishing Lure 60/90mm 6.4/12.4g Surface Floating Bait Top Water Lures for fishing seabass pike feeder

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Hunthosue Topwater Pencil Fishing Lure 60/90mm 6.4/12.4g Surface Floating Bait Top Water Lures for fishing bass feeder bait


1. Length:60mm/2.36in 90mm/3.54in

2. Weight:6.4g/0.23oz 12.4g/0.44oz

3. Hook:6#/10#

4. Action:Floating、Walk The Dog、Topwater

5. Name:Pugachev’s Cobra 60/90

6. Fish:seabass、pike、perch fish


LW536 is a great , little topwater lure, for then the bass are fixated on smaller prey items like sprat, or fry.

LW536 ensure that the lure’s zig-zag sliding surface action (almost by 180 degrees) is easily achieved. The LW536 is one of those Walk the Dog surface lures, that is so worth turning to in calmer, clearer conditions when subtle lures will make all the difference. Hence the LW536 has also provide the best chance of a hook up as it sts high on the water surface, aided by its close to perfect buoyancy.

Topwater lure, for seabass pike perchParameter

Length:60mm/2.36in 90mm/3.54in

Weight:6.4g/0.23oz 12.4g/0.44oz



Additional information

Brand Name

hunt house


LAKE, River, Reservoir Pond







Model Number

Pugachev's Cobra 60/90


Artificial Bait


60mm/2.36in 90mm/3.54in Pugachev's Cobra


6.4g/0.23oz 12.4g/0.44oz Pugachev's Cobra


6# / 10# Pugachev's Cobra


Floating Pugachev's Cobra


Walk The Dog


Pugachev's Cobra pencil lure



35 reviews for Hunthosue Topwater Pencil Fishing Lure 60/90mm 6.4/12.4g Surface Floating Bait Top Water Lures for fishing seabass pike feeder

  1. J***O

    Quality very good, great graphics. Thank you for the gift sent.

    Color: 001 Size: 90mm

  2. J***e

    Excellent for bass fishing, it throws very well, perfect swimming and with sharp triples, I prefer them a little stronger, but I already make them more resistant triples.
    I leave pictures of 4 catches of yesterday, all with the color 009 I have previously bought.

    Color: 008 Size: 90mm

  3. H***o

    I arrive in good condition I give you 9.5 in the touch of paint. Good sound on the balines. I like the design.

    Color: 004 Size: 90mm

  4. a***f

    Thank you seller,excellent.

    Color: 007 Size: 90mm

  5. s***y

    I got the chance to try this day, the action is very nice just making a little too much ball sound. I don’t know if hunting has positive or negative effects

    Color: 008 Size: 90mm

  6. F***z

    It’s a decoy pass, the brutal color. Highly recommended

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  7. i***s

    Decoy of 10. The color is impressive, it’s more than proven than fishing. I’ll plot the review as soon as it’s released and surely with some capture.

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  8. M***n

    good quality

    Color: 007 Size: 90mm

  9. F***a

    Very good looking for lack of swimming

    Color: 007 Size: 90mm

  10. O***a

    Good product. Already tested. It goes perfectly.

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  11. E***z

    Excellent quality. Found the bait top

    Color: 008 Size: 60mm

  12. A***z

    Cumple con lo descrito

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  13. h***r

    One of the best lures for me from hunt house. The color is over, and they put it back to nothing. Buy 2 because they are excellent and fish beautifully.

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  14. J***z

    Buena calidad. Comprare otro mas seguro. Envio rapidisimo y pegatina de regalo

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  15. m***r

    No need to tell the product is already talking

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  16. i***i

    Highly recommended

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  17. F***s

    Very good, outweighs the original in many things

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  18. M***y

    The products are full and complete arrived thanks for the gift. Also thanks for the fast delivery

    Color: 008 Size: 90mm

  19. D***s

    Bait excellent, very good quality.
    Very good and great quality.

    Fast delivery. Recommend to everyone.

    Color: 005 Size: 90mm

  20. A***e

    This color is spectacular.

    Color: 009 Size: 60mm

  21. 4***r

    Really good quality and finishes.
    Smooth on the lance and great swimming.

    Color: 001 Size: 90mm

  22. A***o

    Delivered in 24 days. Very good finishes.

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  23. AliExpress Shopper

    Everything perfect as the description

    Color: 007 Size: 90mm

  24. f***a

    (Don’t trust everything s comments most are paid or given away the lures) apparently it’s all right, good materials and they’re well finished I try them and I already say something

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  25. F***a

    The perfect decoy and thank you so much for the gift. It looks good too.

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  26. E***r

    High quality lures. I liked them better than I expected. I ordered more colors! Brutal movement!

    Color: 007 Size: 60mm

  27. AliExpress Shopper

    Fast shipping, good quality. Big, strong hooks.

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  28. f***s

    Lo han vuelto hacer, clavado a su hermano gemelo ,si ya se mueve como el original apaga y vámonos,dejo foto del original y copia,los contrapesos clavados,no sé si son los mismos pesos,pero prácticamente iguales

    Color: 007 Size: 90mm

  29. R***k

    Hunt House in its high quality line, with very interesting models in the TOP.

    Topwater pencil that draws perfect WTD curves on the water. It has a good cast despite its 90mm and 12.4g. This model is a magnet for predators like Seabass and Bluefish. With calm waters it works very well.

    Its mold is perfect, quality materials, details and a wide range of colors and holographics. Inner steel ball balance for a perfect movement. Produces an accentuated rattling.

    aliexpress fishing Store offers a professional, close and communicative service, it is a fully recommended trust store.

    Thank you!!

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  30. R***O

    Second one I order. Awesome lure! Good casting distance and perfect wtd movement.

    Color: 009 Size: 60mm

  31. R***a

    They arrived very quickly. Very good decoy. Great completion.

    Color: 008 Size: 90mm

  32. D***k

    Very well crafted lure! It moves spectacular.

    Color: 008 Size: 90mm

  33. D***z

    The livery looks like it works very well. It’s a little more sound than the original, and it weighs a little more.
    We’ll see how he behaves in fishing action.

    Color: 009 Size: 90mm

  34. F***a

    A brutal decoy is a very good quality surface Walker a perfect movement I don’t think the Lubins can resist I will certainly buy more

    Color: 004 Size: 90mm

  35. AliExpress Shopper

    New!!! Hunthouse LW536, a new Walking The Dog, produced in two sizes 60 and 90mm, are 9 instead the colorways available. Material quality is very high, nothing to envy to brands products emblazoned. Mounts treble hooks corrosion resistant so can be used in saltwater. Thanks to its compact and tapered shape can achieve great distances’s launch. Extreme Easy in using, due to its movement curvy, with recoveries slow or fast stimulates the attack of predators more leery. Great for fish greenhouse, sea bass, barracuda, leccie and chubs, black bass, pike in fresh water. Highly recommend purchasing this product, great price in relationship to the quality. Serious seller, friendly, ready to solve your every problem and to answer your questions. Rating 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐+

    Color: 003 Size: 90mm

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