LED Gyroscopic Powerball Autostart Range Gyro Power Wrist Ball With Counter Arm Hand Muscle Force Trainer Fitness Equipment

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Exercise with powerball is completely equidistant, so it can complement any training method. Powerball exercises the arms in a way that conventional isotonic (free weight) exercise training cannot achieve, and it can absorb a higher percentage of muscle fibers in a shorter time. If you want to improve your wrist, grip and arm strength, then the wrist training ball will be your perfect choice!


Strong Power
The maximum possible rotation speed exceeds 12,000 rpm, which can generate resistance of up to 32kg. It is the ultimate product of wrist exercise equipment-slow rotation for gentle rehabilitation, or fast rotation for forearm exercises for no more than 60 seconds.
Good Trainer
Whether playing drums, piano, saxophone or guitar, musicians need to maintain strength, coordination and dexterity in their fingers and hands. Powerball helps to improve agility, speed, accuracy and endurance-if you can make music, Powerball will help you play better.

Product Description:

Stainless steel chrome-plated housing
Automatic start
Generates a weight of up to 61 kg
10% smaller than other models
Strengthen and repair
Type: wrist ball
Function: Muscle relaxer
Name: Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer LED Gyroscope
Type: Sports Equipment
Suitable for: multifunctional gym, tennis, squash, cycling and rock climbing
Feature: Family Training
Gym accessories: Yes

Additional information

Brand Name





Wrist ball, wrist ball



Model Number



PC, aluminum alloy, silicone rubber

Great for

men, women


dexterity and endurance playing guitar, piano and sax

Suitable for1

home workouts, crossfit, exercise, tennis, cycling and rock climbing




Stainless steel chrome-plated housing


Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer LED Gyroscope

Suitable for

multifunctional gym, tennis, squash, cycling and rock climbing


Family Training

34 reviews for LED Gyroscopic Powerball Autostart Range Gyro Power Wrist Ball With Counter Arm Hand Muscle Force Trainer Fitness Equipment

  1. AliExpress Shopper

    Very fast shipping. Same product as in the description. Recommended seller. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Color: With 5-color light

  2. R***r

    Seven-color Powerball. I do not know how much he develops the brush, it probably makes sense to take to warm up the brushes before doing sports or for restoration after injury or as a trinket.
    The sense is more, probably from this, seven-color, it is heavier and the load will give more. The simulator itself is heavy, but my wife quietly turns it. It is fully metal (in the photo it seems that plastic), this simulator is torn out in the middle, it can be, if necessary, untwisted and cleaned.
    The color indication, it seems to me, is not necessary, it would be better to put the meter. At first, the elastic band was removed, but now everything is good, apparently the grip has increased))), but under the elastic band could make additional pases for convenience, in. Generally recommend.

    Color: With 7-color light

  3. m***m

    Very tight came, I had to disassemble and lubricate
    Gremite is Noble
    But the task performs: it turns, glows, it allows you to wake up in attempts to untwist to Purple + (the last color to get until it does not work), in in
    Due to the presence of a backlight, it gives the cellenge effect, which is as positive as possible on emotions from using
    Can recommend in principle

    Color: With 5-color light

  4. E***.

    Excellent simulator, the main thing is not to be lazy to use it

    Color: With 5-color light

  5. E***k

    Я в восторге)

    Color: With 5-color light

  6. c***z

    Excellent! I arrive in 15 days to Madrid. Very good quality thank you

    Color: With 7-color light

  7. A***i

    Amazing powerball, so much fun and easy to use it, and make fantastic impact on the whole hand. Highly recommended, thanks to seller !

    Color: With 5-color light

  8. D***n

    Product packed in retail box. (Chinese version)
    Product worked great. The ball is made from metal. Yes, heavier than a plastic one, but it’s solid and smooth.

    Color: With 7-color light

  9. l***e

    Todo muy bien he tenido dudas y me ha ayudado único a caja viene mal estado

    Color: With 7-color light

  10. T***a

    The core has a little off, but not hinder the performance, an interesting way to strengthen muscles

    Color: Platinum-without LED

  11. E***v

    3 weeks in Odessa. Excellent thing, twisted the first time. In a minute, the tension in the hand is felt. Sent quickly, the box is slightly crumpled, but it came to an integer. The goods are satisfied, I recommend!

    Color: Platinum-without LED

  12. V***n

    The parcel took 22 days to Belarus.
    It is necessary to figure out how to properly start and twist in your hand.
    I hope that this is a useful acquisition.

    Color: Black-without LED

  13. y***v

    Shit. It is recommended to take 2 things once.

    Color: With 5-color light

  14. n***i

    Excellent! Fast shipping. Works really great!

    Color: Platinum-without LED

  15. A***v

    До ЮФО добрался за 12 дней. Всё работает, Описанию соответствует.
    Сначала подумал, что внутри что-то сломалось – как будто какая-то деталь болталась. Разобрал (снимается резинка и разводятся верхняя и нижняя части корпуса) и понял, что это механизм автозавода такой. Больше подходит на какую-нибудь игрушку. Хотя, возможно, если каждый день минут по десять его крутить, он и будет полезен.

    Color: Platinum-without LED

  16. H***a

    Excellent Product, recommended

    Color: Platinum-without LED

  17. m***n

    amazing tool for rist workout. very recommended for climbers particularly.

    Color: Platinum-without LED

  18. J***o

    Delivered in 14 days, it came all a little tight in bag and wrinkled box, but all intact, it’s not the same as the picture but looks good quality same, works, and it seems to do its effect, I ‘ve only been able to reach the red and tired arm, I imagine that with practice and gaining strength I will see life as pink and on, curious apparatus, I like it.

    Color: With 5-color light

  19. D***z

    Product announcement. Cost-effective, well protects the gyro, recommend to everyone. Congratulations to seller.

    Color: Storage bag

  20. AliExpress Shopper

    Very high quality product

    Color: Platinum-without LED

  21. B***h

    Todo perfecto! Es justamente lo que me esperaba! Así podré ciclarme el brazo y ser como super saiyan Goku!! El ciclo que consigues con esto es importante! El Vegeta no tendrá nada que hacer contra mí, de un puñetazo le parto por la mitad!

    Color: Platinum-with LED

  22. R***y

    it is exactly what it says it is. works perfectly and I didn’t have problems so far. I would recommend.

    Color: Platinum-with LED

  23. C***N

    Exercise and gripping the
    Five steps to keep box 쎔 ㅎ ㅎ
    Additional purchase scheduled

    Color: With 5-color light

  24. N***O

    All received, everything works fine, thank you)

    Color: With 5-color light

  25. M***o

    Super product it works perfectly the delivery is amazing it arrived sooner than expected I recommend this seller 100 percent

    Color: Platinum-with LED

  26. D***v

    Delivery almost a month, the quality is good but the load is comparatively not high. If for warm-up-the most it

    Color: Platinum-without LED

  27. s***i

    Magnificence feeling strange and exercise suitable for the hand and forearm I recommend this product. Strange feeling it’s good for your hand exercise I suggest this item

    Color: With 5-color light

  28. E***v

    The hand of a 27-year-old guy, fits perfectly, not big and not small. Metal, rubberized on the equator, autostart works fine. I by mistake ordered just a light, not a changing color from turns. I advise the goods, very high quality and not very noisy.

    Color: With 7-color light

  29. F***a

    Everything as described seller highly recommended

    Color: With 5-color light

  30. E***z

    מושלםםםםם no האמנתי it such a helper than good satisfied very fast shipping Siler מצויין

    Color: Platinum-with LED

  31. G***n

    Я ОЧЕНЬ доволен заказом, всё как и описывалось продавцом.Очень крутая,не нужна веревка чтоб запускать.Все СУПЕР СПАСИБО!!!!!

    Color: With 5-color light

  32. A***n

    Good quality product, very fast shipment and excellent service.

    Color: Storage bag

  33. m***s

    The guy who invented it is a genius! Very good will use for life, the stronger you rotate it will alternating colors, very tense the handle is anti-arm. I like more account KK

    Color: With 5-color light

  34. M***v

    Everything is fine, to start the ball you need to catch the moment when inside the ball will work the limiter and pull the spring. Like a baby car. Well controlled. I like it!

    Color: Platinum-without LED

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