English & Spanish Splendor Board Game for home party kids adult city expansion Financing Investment training playing card games

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Good NEWS: new arrival splendor expansion, play with basic splendor, more Happy:
Splendor, with English & Spanish instructions

card size: 59*80mm

token size: diameter 25mm, made by hard paper

players: 2 to 4 players

game time: 30 minutes

package: hard paper box, box size is 11cm*7cm

don’t know how to play? English rules in the packge, don’t worry you don’t know how to play it


Splendor English = cards tokens+ hard paper box + English rules +Spanish rules

please note the size about the cards and the token, if you can’t accept it, please don’t place the order, thanks.

The expansion is not standalone product, must play with basic splendor,

basic splendor:

super clear cards, factory quality, high quality

English rules is in the package, don’t worry how to play the game.

Splendor expansion:

it is this expansion version, and the box as above,very beautiful with golden word:

this is the really strongholds:

Hard Paper Box, box size is 11cm*7cm, easy carry when you go out with your friends

high quality! you won’t regret having it

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card size


token size

diameter 25mm

47 reviews for English & Spanish Splendor Board Game for home party kids adult city expansion Financing Investment training playing card games

  1. t***i

    The game of excellent quality and good relation for price

    Color: Splendor

  2. П***в

    отличная игра, полный комплект только уменьшенный вариант . Правила на англ языке но в интернете есть полный текст на русском

    Color: Splendor

  3. D***i


    Color: Splendor

  4. T***a

    Artived safely and well protect in foam. I would prefer a thicker carbon box. The quality was good. Great speed!!!

    Color: Splendor

  5. V***n

    Cards are almost not different from the original, the chips are also much easier, but

    Color: Splendor

  6. a***r

    I have already bought several times from this seller all perfect, shipping time to Tenerife 14 days, I recommend 100% Thanks

    Color: Splendor

  7. M***m

    All expansions, but the manual is in English

    Color: Splendor expansion

  8. J***o

    the colors are a little off but it does the job. it’s very cheap so it’s worth it!!

    Color: Splendor

  9. D***o

    The truth very good game and this version is also super good, recommended your small box allows you to take it where you want and the cards and chips good quality

    Color: Splendor

  10. K***r

    Mini Mini version and chip paper round hand peeled Mani style cotton quality water gum but so also’s don’t like non-Chan Chan download chip paper line with cotton or chip cover? Such as arm modern data and pictures to lure you advocate

    Color: Splendor

  11. P***o

    For such a price, the quality is more than satisfied.

    Color: Splendor

  12. G***y

    Cards are smaller than the usual sizes of playing cards-approximately 2 times

    Color: Splendor

  13. O***v

    Everything is super! Quickly came, everything is whole, well packed, compact! For such money the most it. Convenient to take with you;)

    Color: Splendor

  14. L***V

    Buena versión pero es un poco más pequeña que el juego original.

    Color: Splendor

  15. H***f

    Very precise Thank you excellent seller relatively fast delivery

    Color: Splendor

  16. AliExpress Shopper

    The quality is expected, for the ideal price for travel and extend the original game

    Color: Splendor expansion

  17. m***r

    Super game. Future already after 12 days. Strongly recommended

    Color: Splendor

  18. S***z

    It came very fast and the game is perfect

    Color: Splendor

  19. g***d

    Size is small but you cross the same one Trumpf and White Transparent beater size comparison. Portable seems to be good with four.

    Color: Splendor

  20. L***k

    Great for this price. Colors are not as bright as normal, but that’s okay.

    Color: Splendor

  21. AliExpress Shopper

    Cheap quality bought to Adam digging clearance price are well yes.

    Color: Splendor

  22. AliExpress Shopper

    nice package, nice box, but a little bit damaged.
    Content is way smaller and come in a small box (cards are also smaller)
    quality is good, was happy with the purchase.

    Color: Splendor expansion

  23. AliExpress Shopper

    here is south korea and the item arrived on the estimated time, correctly.
    and the quality of item is as described,
    honestly, the quality is better than expected.
    the card, token, box sizes are smaller than original one
    and I like this one more than original one
    because of the small size(but the quality is not small)

    Color: Splendor

  24. AliExpress Shopper

    Fast shipping. Deck of Cards and outer box properly sealed. Packaged in envelope of air bubbles

    Color: Splendor expansion

  25. P***n

    Everything is perfect! Very good quality fast shipping and instructions in Spanish.

    Color: Splendor

  26. G***e

    Great product, really poket sized but made of good quality Cardboard. It arrived quickly (2 weeks). I recommend the seller.

    Color: Splendor

  27. a***r

    He arrived very quickly and in excellent condition. I haven’t played it, but I will soon. Very happy with the purchase

    Color: Splendor

  28. H***r

    Good quality. Super game. The box is better than the genuine, because it is most smaller.

    Color: Splendor

  29. y***n

    travel verision. little, compact, very nice

    Color: Splendor

  30. H***m

    All components are made of papers, but quality is good enough.

    Color: Splendor

  31. g***i

    Super, reviews of children

    Color: Splendor

  32. A***k

    Recommend 🙂 przyda on any trips little space takes 🙂

    Color: Splendor

  33. A***k

    Delivered to Poland with 10 days. Everything is complete and well packed. Quality is ok for this money, but if cloth would be on cardboard like original, it would be perfect.

    Color: Splendor expansion

  34. E***a

    decent quality for the price. i like how small it is because it makes it way easier to carry

    Color: Splendor

  35. K***a

    Okay, the components are of less quality that the original, they are smaller and thinner. But you get exactly what you expect with this price. I like the packaging, it’s great for travels.

    Color: Splendor

  36. k***k

    Delivery to Moscow about 2 weeks. The quality of the game on a hard 4. a little crumpled box. The cards themselves are normal. Complete set.

    Color: Splendor

  37. K***o

    Game is smaller than the Brazilian version, but the material quality is good. Considering the national price, cost-effective!

    Color: Splendor

  38. G***h

    the game is fun, the quality is ok. the coins should be made a little bigger and bulkier.

    Color: Splendor

  39. J***z

    It looks good, the box is small the measures I leave them in picture, it came fast to Peru

    Color: Splendor

  40. B***s

    Excellent quality, very fast shipping to Hungary.

    Color: Splendor

  41. A***o

    Shipping has been super fast, instructions come in English and Spanish. Cards have good quality and cardboard chips. The box is small and quite manageable better than the officer who is quite large. All right and very good price. Recommended.

    Color: Splendor

  42. Y***v

    The cards are good quality.

    Color: Splendor

  43. P***r

    Excellent! It looks good quality. It’s smaller than normal.
    Cards are thick cardboard. I’m fast.

    Color: Splendor

  44. M***k

    It is pretty good, as I expected. The cards and tokens are thinner than in the original game, but it’s ok for this price.

    Color: Splendor

  45. N***o

    Flipping with the quality of the game. The size is small, but the material quality, for the price it has, is great. I asked to take it to the beach and, really, it’s been quite a hit. I’m delighted. I recommend it to you all.

    Color: Splendor

  46. J***v

    Amazing product. Card quality very good. The coins are cardboard and small but they fit nicely in the box and you can play with it no problem. The box is small and compact, perfect for transport. I recommend! Also the nobel cards are very small.

    Color: Splendor

  47. O***a

    Good printing, compact game. It’s worth your money.

    Color: Splendor

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