UGREEN USB Bluetooth 5.0 Dongle Adapter 4.0 for PC Speaker Wireless Mouse Music Audio Receiver Transmitter aptx Bluetooth 5.0

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Only 【Bluetooth 4.0 version】 supports aptX decoding format in win 10 system, Bluetooth 5.0 version does not support aptX decoding format.


Enjoy the ease of wireless

Bluetooth 5.0

Enhanced Wireless Connection

Stream Music & Take Calls

PC connects to Bluetooth headphones or speakers

Bluetooth Mouse/keyboard

Connection is responsive no delay

Data Transfer Support

Sending files/videos1 music between a smartphone and PC

Systems Support

Only for Win7/Win8/8.1/Win10

Driver installation is required

20M Long Distance Transmission

Add 5 Devices To PC

Support 5 different types of device at the same time

Fast Pairing & Auto Reconnect

A better Bluetooth experience

LED Indicator

The indicator flashes while paring and stays still when connected

Q: My PC Can’t use this CD, how do I install the driver?

A: If your PC does not have a CD driver, please kindly download the driver from UGREEN official website. it is for free.

Download link:

Q: Why it is failed to work when the dongle plug in windows 10 operating system?

A: The Bluetooth 5.0 Dongle needs to install the driver when plugging in the windows 10 system. so that you can get better wireless performance.

Q: Does the Bluetooth dongle support TV?

A: Sorry, this device will only work when plugged into supported Windows. Even though TVs, home theater equipment, and stereos have USB ports, they don’t have the necessary drivers to support this adapter.

Q: After the driver installation is completed and the Bluetooth adpter cannot be searched?

A: 1. Restart the computer after installation 2. Please confirm that your Bluetooth device (headphone / keyboard / speaker) is not occupied by other Bluetooth

Q: Why do I get a driver error when I install the driver?

A: Maybe the built-in Bluetooth on the computer causes a conflict. Please disable the previous Bluetooth first.

Tips:Connect 5 devices wireless via Bluetooth 5.0 dongle at the same time, but music streams to only 1 audio device at a time.

How do I install the driver for Windows?

a. To install the driver, visit the UGREEN website, search “CM390” and download the driver in the “Support” section

d. Open file “”, click through the following “Windows” file and click on “setup.exe” and finish the installation

Q: Can the USB Bluetooth adapter connect to the same device at the same time, such as two earphones?

A: No, you can connect 5 devices at the same time, but they must be different types of devices.

Q: Does the USB Bluetooth adapter support voice calls?

A: If your Bluetooth headset has a microphone function, it supports voice calls.

Q: Can the USB adapter be connected to Gaming Controllers such as PS/XBOX?

A: It only supports connected PS4, X BOX ONE S and later series Gaming Controllers.

Additional information

Brand Name






Model Number




Bluetooth Standard

Bluetooth v5.0

Product Name

Bluetooth Adapter, USB Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Dongle


Bluetooth Computer Adapter, USB Dongle


Bluetooth Adapter for Computer, Bluetooth Adapter for PC

Usage 1

USB Bluetooth Receiver, Bluetooth Dongle 4.0

Usgae 2

Bluetooth Adapter, Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

Compatible with

Bluetooth 5.0 (only for win7/ win8.1/win10/win11)

Usage 4

Wireless Transmitter

Usage 5

USB Receiver, Adapter Bluetooth


Bluetooth Adapter for Wireless Mouse/Keyborard/Headphone/Stereo

44 reviews for UGREEN USB Bluetooth 5.0 Dongle Adapter 4.0 for PC Speaker Wireless Mouse Music Audio Receiver Transmitter aptx Bluetooth 5.0

  1. E***r

    Adaptador USB para Bluetooth 5.0 com longo alcance e boa taxa de transferência de dados.

    O produto é de ótima qualidade não devendo em nada a comparação com produtos de grandes fabricantes tradicionais do mercado. Ótima construção com materiais de qualidade.

    A instalação no Windows 10 foi super rápida, mesmo com o CD do driver na embalagem nem foi preciso utilizar. Totalmente Plug and Play foi reconhecido logo que conectado ao PC e disponível para uso alguns instantes depois.

    Acompanha CD com o driver compatível com Windows apartir do 7 (conforme manual) e claro o manual, bem completo mas sem português.

    Muito bom para transferência de dados do smartphone par o PC, ouvir música ou vídeos com um fone sem fio, conectar o controle do Xbox ou Playstation (com Bluetooth, é claro) no PC entre outras coisas.

    Recomendo a todos os interessados, garanto que não iram se arrepender!!!

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  2. V***v

    The adapter came in 28 days from the date of the order. The track number was tracked completely until the parcel arrived at my post office. Packing on 1 photo below. There are no defects. I have a Windows 7 adapter without installing from the disk did not want to work, but on 3 photos I highlighted where in the instructions in Russian language written, what you can and on the site download the driver for this model “80889”-ugreen. Com/pages/Download (remove spaces), Archive size-85,48 MB. After installing the driver and reloading the computer, I flew Wi-Fi from the router to the computer and the phone, so I had to step up a little to return it back. On 4 screenshots, what eventually installed. Stereo sound from the phone to the computer is transmitted without delays, and if it is when rewind, then 0,1-0,3 seconds maximum. The photo transfer rate from the phone to a 2,5 MB computer takes 13 seconds, but you need to test further. Video and APK-files are transmitted and when the screen is turned off on the phone. In general, I’m happy

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  3. V***v

    Great adapter. Made very high quality. I use to connect a PC to a soundbar. Drivers must be put! Suggest to buy 146%

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  4. H***a

    All right and according to the description, I had a little problem but the seller helped me fix it.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  5. R***r

    Works fine. On Linux (Arch Linux, kernel: 5.10.74-1-lts) out of the box earned. The rtl8761chip is supported from the 5.8 + kernel. I recommend to buy.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: Russian Federation

  6. a***r

    Llegó mucho antes de lo previsto, muchas gracias

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  7. D***s

    While the product did not serve me for my purpose that was to play music in reciver this same looks good quality and works super fast demoro 2 emanates approx to chile santiago

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  8. J***k

    Great product. Arrived in excellent condition. Works perfectly well and got just what I wanted.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  9. M***n

    The adapter is excellent, the Xbox gamepad is connected without problems, it works as needed.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  10. A***v

    The goods are delivered in two weeks, the description corresponds. In the factory branded packaging. The range is specified to 20 m. This adapter took for the wireless Bluetooth connection of the home computer with wireless headphones. Took with a coupon Ali for 177 rubles.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  11. A***n

    Great adapter. Headphones with it work without problems in the next room behind the concrete wall. The signal is stable without stuttering. Strange, but the seller did not put a screed as a gift, as usual. You get used to good quickly.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: Russian Federation

  12. N***y

    Delivery lightning courier to Barnaul in 6 days, first time so fast. This is the second adapter of this company, the quality is always on top. I recommend the product and the store! 5 stars definitely.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: Russian Federation

  13. E***a

    Ordered, all as stated, works well without any interference and hang. Connected, Windows itself installed everything (although there is a disc with firewood). When connecting headphone features a small delay, when watching video and t. n her all замечаешь, but when играешь, happens заметна (start interference with sound when отходе on distance 3,5 meter). And so its function performs, the files quietly transmits with normal speed.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  14. r***n

    The parcel came very quickly for 9 days I was surprised more thanks, the Bluetooth receiver works perfectly sound quality is also excellent, more thanks for the quality.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: Russian Federation

  15. M***r

    Excellent Product, work perfectly Bluetooth 5.0.
    The product is well packed and sealed with plastic. The shipping was super fast!
    It is discreet and has a very good sign. Come with a CD install, but not to use, the windows installed the driver alone. The instruction manual is very short, but no need of using it since just put the modem in USB and it already working.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  16. AliExpress Shopper

    The box was broken, the insides were not damaged. In the kit there was a disk, but Windows 10 found the driver itself. There is a small indicator light. Headphones connected without problems.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  17. M***n

    Delivered in 14 days, to the computer connected even without a disc, connected headphones. packed perfectly in the package, and inside the box in the film. while everything is fine.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  18. T***y

    It reached Tomsk in 17 days. Packed well. Includes a drive with drivers, instruction in 6 languages, including Russian. Bought to listen to headphones from the computer. Not yet connected, Windows zagluchila. If I do not forget to write how I earned unwritten, if I do not write all the rules.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  19. AliExpress Shopper

    Adapter working. Included instruction (there is a Russian), and a drive with drivers. Drivers can be downloaded in the Internet, I have on Win7 downloaded automatically Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 adapter 6.1.7601.24511. Everything worked out clearly, no questions. You can see a lot of neighboring devices, the connections are quickly configured, everything is in Russian.
    Packed in branded packaging, everything came from China in perfect condition.
    The combined parcel received in Moscow after 16 days, the track was tracked.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  20. K***v

    Все працює на ліцензії Він10. Всі драйвера встановились автоматично. 2-ох кімнатна квартира – працює у всіх кімнатах, через 1-2 стіни. Поки що повністю задоволений девайсом!!! Єдиний нюанс при використанні як гарнітури для дзвінків в телеграмі але це скоріш за все проблема вінди/телеграма. Так як сама гарнітура під’єднана і є в списку пристроїв, просто не хоче перемикатися автоматично з стерео на аудіо-гарнітуру. Доставка Укрпоштою трохи довго, десь 3-4 тижні

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  21. N***V

    An excellent adapter of its money is definitely worth it. You can connect up to 5 devices. Communication is stable in the other room catches. I took for receiving calls from a computer and transferring files. Everything works like a clock. Song for 300R.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  22. P***r

    Very tiny, comes with small CD driver.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  23. A***r

    Works perfectly, at a distance of 10 m a stable signal, + it. Without drivers, it is automatically picked up on Windows-10. generally excellent, in order that there are no breaks or I did not notice them.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  24. F***a

    Work perfectly on Windows 10 64 bit.


    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  25. H***a

    Already have products this brand think top came. beautifully packaged, extreme qualjdade product.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  26. G***s

    muito bom o adaptador, produto de excelente qualidade. Plug and Play não precisei instalar drivers no Win 10.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  27. W***o

    Great, all as the description. Products ugreen always top!!!!

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  28. R***r

    działa bardzo dobrze. potrzebny był do używania pada Xbox z PC. Wszystko bardzo dobrze działa. miałem problem z instalacja sterowników, te domyślne windosowe nie działają.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  29. E***v

    Ordered on July 30 received on August 17.
    China-St. Petersburg.
    All as always super, I buy from this seller a lot of different goods, never failed the quality of its products.
    I advise this seller not only for Bluetooth adepters but also other products. Very high quality goods produce.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  30. N***y

    Fast delivery and well packaged. Everything works flawlessly after installing the drivers I downloaded from the ugreen website.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  31. AliExpress Shopper

    Bluetooth 5.0 adapter ugreen

    In kit
    1. Bluetooth ugreen adapter
    2. instruction in English and Russian languages
    3. CD drive with drivers

    Delivery 20 days from China to Russia by Mail tracked.
    It was packed in a thin plastic bag ugreen and a branded box ugreen.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  32. A***v

    Everything works. ATP to the seller. I am a regular buyer. Delivery is instant, the packing is excellent, the quality is beyond praise. This seller does not need advertising.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  33. R***y

    Good device. At a distance takes and sends more than 30 m. The quality is very good, complete with instructions in many languages. For Windows, you need to install drivers from the disk or download from the manufacturer’s website. For other operating systems, everything works out of the box, although the site says that with other OS is not compatible. I recommend this product to everyone, although I personally doubt that this is Bluetooth version 5.0. But he does.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  34. G***z

    Посылка пришла в Казахстан, Петропавловск за 28 дней.Всё работает как надо.Вставил,настроил и подключился))Позже добавлю ещё отзыв.Всем добра и счастья.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  35. T***r

    Item as described by the seller, prompt dispatch, fast delivery. Everything went well. PS I have not test it yet.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  36. M***a

    Ugreen my favorite brand on Ali. Recommend.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  37. j***s

    This brand I already know, have some products.
    Ugreen quality guaranteed!!!!

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  38. D***z

    As always: great quality and fast delivery.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  39. D***k

    Przyszło po niecałym miesiącu. Zasięg realny to jedno, półtora piętra w dół. 30m zasięgu może będzie bez przeszkód typu podłoga czy ściana. Podłączyłem na razie 3 urządzenia i nie ma kompletnie problemów. Informacja dla rodaków, paczka miała numer LT, nie naliczono opłaty pocztowej.

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  40. P***k

    Bluetooth arrived in 26 days packed OK. Company solid so I believe that will work OK

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  41. R***i

    Great product! True description!
    Just plugged and the PC quickly recognized! Did not install anything!
    Works very well!
    No charge! Recommended!

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  42. 2***r

    Everything works well, works perfectly, up to perm the parcel was 22 days old, I recommend the seller, takes 10 meters at the distance

    Color: Bluetooth 5.0 Ships From: China

  43. I***v

    Paid on May 24th, received on June 11th. On Windows 10 I earned without drivers from the disk. No problem yet. I drive a couple of weeks to complement the review.

    Color: Black Ships From: China

  44. W***k

    Delivered smoothly.
    Bluetooth works and vaporised sprzęty

    Color: Black Ships From: China

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