GameSir T4 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller 2.4GHz Wireless Gamepad applies to Nintendo Switch Apple Arcade and MFi Games

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Six-Axis Gyroscope Highly Supports Nintendo Switch Games

GameSir T4 Pro is equipped with a six-axis gyroscope to support somatosensory control, which can sensitively capture the player’s movements and accurately reflect them in the game. For example, in the Switch game “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, the player can control the character to launch arrows through somatosensory operations to attack the enemy. More precise operation means that it is easier to surpass the opponent.

Support Multi-Platforms: Nintendo Switch / Android / iOS / PC

GameSir T4 Pro is an unprecedented game controller that supports almost all gaming platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, macOS and Windows PC. Meet the needs of many players on multiple platforms.

Deep Support for Apple Arcade and MFi Games

In addition to the performance improvements brought by Apple on iOS 13, there are more game subscription services, Apple Arcade is one of them. And GameSir will never fall behind, gamers can now use GameSir T4 Pro to play Apple Arcade games. Not only that, as long as it is an MFi certified game, GameSir T4 Pro also supports it.

Programmable Buttons for Highly Personalized Configurations

Create your own personalized configuration and conquer other players! GameSir T4 Pro supports users to customize the four buttons on the back with simple settings.

Colorful LED Backlight: Stunning Appearance even in the Dark

Maybe you never imagined a rainbow appearing at night, but when you turn on GameSir T4 Pro, you will see the rainbow glow from the translucent body. In addition, you can adjust the brightness of the backlight through specific button combinations.

Asymmetric & Vibrating Motors

GameSir T4 Pro has two asymmetric vibration motors, which can enhance the immersion of the game and provide a real-time and realistic game experience. That is to say, when a player shoots, hits a target or is hit in the game, its asymmetric design can provide corresponding real-time feedback based on these different game scenarios.

Linear Trigger Button for More Precise Control

Unlike ordinary buttons, GameSir T4 Pro’s linear shoulder buttons can provide multiple stages of performance. Linear buttons are like the throttle of a car. The heavier you step, the faster the car. In other words, in the game, you can precisely control the moving speed, attack speed and attack intensity of the game characters.

Tech Specs

Brand: GameSir
Model: T4 Pro
Connection: Wireless / Wired
Wireless Technology: Bluetooth / 2.4GHz Wireless
Working Platforms: Nintendo Switch / Android (Android 8.0 or later) / iOS (iOS 13.0 or later) / Windows PC (Windows 7 or later) / macOS
Six-Axis Gyroscope: Yes
Vibration Motors: Yes
Battery Capacity: built-in 600mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
Connectivity: Type-C
Package Size: 172*168*73mm
Gross Weight: 400g

Compatible Mobile Phone
Width: less than 100mm
Note: Please remove the protective cover of the phone before use.

In the Box

1* GameSir T4 Pro Wireless Controller
1* USB Dongle
1* Detachable Phone Holder
1* Type-C Cable
1* User Manual

GameSir T4 Pro Unboxing Video

YouTuber はせぽん ゲームレビ

Additional information

Brand Name


Compatible Brand/Model


Nintendo Model










Model Number

T4 Pro

Interface Type



Wireless / Wired

Wireless Technology

Bluetooth / 2.4GHz Wireless

Working Platforms

Nintendo Switch / Android / iOS / PC

Battery Capacity

built-in 600mAh rechargeable Lithium battery



Vibration Motors


46 reviews for GameSir T4 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller 2.4GHz Wireless Gamepad applies to Nintendo Switch Apple Arcade and MFi Games

  1. J***o

    Perfect, arrived in 14 business days Ceará itapipoca, works in Call of Duty mobile without apps to map the buttons, just connect the control and the game already identifies control, but in game such option indentificar control need app gamesir, Low version gamesir website, the version of the app store not works. And to activate it need use the computer, done it now only activate developer in cell 2 mode options as shown in image left.

    Ships From: China

  2. D***v

    Проверяю, пока работает. Коробка по состоянию как будто вся почта России играла ею в футбол

    Ships From: China

  3. D***z

    So far so good, I really liked the design.

    Ships From: China

  4. AliExpress Shopper

    Reached my hand in 25 days. Although the seller wrote $5, it was priced at Customs $25, so 57 pounds of customs came out. But you profit from all kinds of TR pricing. The box content is like the picture. Subject to user manual, sticker etc. I did not match any missing or damaged parts. Triggers work very clean. I can say no difference compared to Logitech F310. I can’t compare the vibration too good, adjustable but I don’t use any vibrating gamepad. I can only say in terms of giving an idea: while playing Forza Horizon 4, you can get feedback with the tyre touching the ground in the most sensitive vibration setting. In hard curves, it can also give warning of tougher vibration from that side, depending on the direction of the curve. XYAB keys are a little hard like F310. But I can say D-Pad troubled. Opening, connecting time, delay at minimum. As it is detected as the Xbox 360 controller, it offers smooth, uninstalled gaming enjoyment with XINPUT.

    Ships From: China

  5. A***k

    The GamePad is very high quality. Took for the game it takes two and console retro toys. The sticks work clearly, the buttons are pleasant, the connection does not lose.

    Ships From: China

  6. G***s

    Produto top, muito mais leve e aparenta ser bem resistente recomendo de mais, demorou 13 dias para chegar no interior de São Paulo.

    Ships From: China

  7. А***в

    It seems that in its price categories one of the best. The goods themselves came unharmed, packed well. I like that nothing creaks, when shaking noise, there is no, I.E. Assembled well.
    Regarding the connection to the PC, there is an external Bluetooth and it the GamePad sees and connects, here is the most interesting check through the program shows pressing all the buttons but when the game the game I never figured that out. Therefore, you need to connect with the adapter that goes in the kit, there are no problems with it all sees everything works.
    Tests did not perform, although when I checked the work through the program, dead zones are there but not significant in the games are not noticeable at all, the GamePad itself is like a gamepad and and

    Ships From: China

  8. L***o

    Product come with defective mobile holder and it broke very fast this support, the control is very good but the quality of this support is poor. AAH and not send other bracket or has available to purchase here on site or in any other place.

    Ships From: China

  9. L***o

    Great control. Maybe the best that already had. The yuzu emulator automatically recognizes the axis motion, for games like Zelda Breath of the wild is thrown properly.

    Ships From: China

  10. AliExpress Shopper

    Ordered 27.09.21-arrived 12.10.2021. The quality is very good, the plastic is not as transparent in real life as in the photo. For ease of use, it resembles the controller from Xbox 360. Steam is also defined as a standard Xbox 360 controller with a corresponding control scheme. I recommend to buy.

    Ships From: China

  11. f***z

    The analog and the buttons are good, control has a good grip and not heavy. First use the battery lasted quite long and charging 100% was reasonable mind good.
    Connected with ease in Android, computer, switch and iOS.

    Use 6 axis in computer function with emaludores Nintendo Switch is necessary connect Bluetooth, because the wireless connector comes identifies as control Xbox.

    Ships From: China

  12. E***z

    O produto chegou “inteiro”. Apesar dos amassados na caixa e o “rasgo” no encaixe interior da embalagem, o principal que é o controle está inteiro. Utilizo Linux e testei com dois jogos. Ele não pareou utilizando o USB pra usá-lo por bluetooth, mas por meio do Cabo USB/Tipo C consegui jogar 2 jogos na Steam. Posteriormente, consegui conectá-lo no meu Celular também. Futuramente irei realizar mais testes e deixarei aqui meu feedback. No geral não tenho do que reclamar desse controle.

    Ships From: China

  13. Y***y

    Urun is a nice device. Game lovers always choose. Saglam came in the same way. Thank you.

    Ships From: China

  14. I***h

    Goods are quality. Delivery by new mail about 3 weeks. Packed in 3 layers of navel, the box was not damaged. Recommend!

    Ships From: China

  15. z***r

    Control top, but the wireless adapter that is the most important, came damaged, will try to exchange,

    Ships From: China

  16. A***k

    2 günde kargoya verildi, Özenle paketlenmiş balonlu poşeti vardı. Kupon indirimi ile 250₺ tutmuştu. 16 günde İstanbula geldi. 16 gün çok iyi bence gelene kadar dolar arttı bile, Ptt getirdi, kapıda 18 ₺ vergi ödedim. oynamadım çocuğa doğum gününde hediye edeceğim. Ama test ettim ipad 8 ile eşleşti. Mfi gamepad zaten. Storedan gamepad test uygulaması ile denedim sorun yok görünüyor. Türkiyede 2 kat paraya satılıyor, benimki sorunsuz geldiği için tavsiye ederim

    Ships From: China

  17. D***o

    I thought for a long time whether to leave this gamepad. I like it, really like it, translucent design, excellent build quality, price in 1800₽, built-in battery and the like, a lot of pluses. That’s just the very sticks… Dead zones-fig with them, percent 10 and 20% maximum from the inner and outer edges respectively, unpleasant, but not scary. It is really unpleasant that the sticks have the property of magnetizing to the axes, formally the direction of the start of movement from the center can be either orthogonal or under 30 30 30-when you try to start going under 25 °, it is likely to come to the nearest axis. In the game it is not too noticeable, this is the first step so toporny, then you can turn more precisely, but unpleasant, and aim quite painful.
    Then I cupped dualsense, there of course the perfect sticks, but also I like t4pro, left it in the collection, I take for light games, because it’s more for In ningtendo mode, it connects crivovato. Recommend)

    Ships From: China

  18. S***n

    Cool gamepad! While I checked only on the phone, in those games that support control it is very convenient to play. On the PC has not yet tested, I do not have other devices. The parcel came safely and safely, the box is wrapped in a navel. Delivery is normal, about three weeks. There was no need to communicate with the seller. Track tracked. The goods are exactly top! I recommend and the seller!

    Ships From: China

  19. P***h

    Delivery month. But I think this is our mail jamming. Packed just super. I got the remote, and I realized that there was a quality thing in my hands. The kit is excellent.

    Ships From: China

  20. e***a

    Product excellent service top fast shipping arrived intact not ruined and scrunched recommend with love

    Ships From: China

  21. W***s

    Arrived fast, well packed and not taxed.
    The control is very good, instant answers, wireless it works perfectly and the cable that comes along is Type C and already serves as data transmission, then u can use cabeado case not wanting to use the distance.
    Recommend enough and plan to buy another future.

    Ships From: China

  22. A***o

    After to the Irkutsk region. Got there in 22 days.
    The box has slightly crumpled corners, despite the navel, but not critical. The seller is one of the best. This is already my third order from him (≈ 5 years ago I bought the GamePad G3s and g3w, so far work, only the stickers will have to be replaced. The form of this GamePad on the first is not used (after the above), but for a week already used. I really like the additional keys from below. A little did not like the mount for the phone, namely, that it has only two positions (closed and working), not the most successful angle of the working position, but also it can be In the rest of the impression only positive. I recommend it to everyone. For such money, this is the best that you can find 🙂

    Ships From: China

  23. AliExpress Shopper

    Excellent multifunctional gamepad, bought specifically for playing on Android you box and on Nintendo Switch. Unpacking and review on my channel. The name of the channel in the photo. Thank you

    Ships From: China

  24. A***e

    Delivery to Kaluga 3 weeks. Great joystick. Defined as Xbox. Very comfortable in the hands. Lots of settings. There is a gyro in the ningtendo mode

    Ships From: China

  25. A***a

    Геймпад великолепный. Качественная сборка. Работает во всех играх. Красивая подсветка. Все подключилось без танцев с бубном. Все дрова ставятся автоматически. Увесистый,в руке лежит очень удобно.

    Ships From: China

  26. M***s


      Main features of purchase:

    • arrived with less than 20 days
    • all as advertised
    • very well packed
    • had no customs fee
    • link with desconto→ 9xdqdq

    not forget compare prices links below and see other options, add in CART and see the coupons available:
    (to browse links, copy and paste the links for the computer browser address bar)

    not forget leave but this comment! Good shopping!!!

    Ships From: China

  27. V***o

    Very good product! Arrived very quickly and sealed, well packed, excellent!

    Ships From: China

  28. I***e

    The observed with the use of product:
    Great material finish;
    Lasting excellent;
    Very easy to use;
    Leave but this comment!!

    Already bought several products and untaxed, see the pictures, add in CART and see the coupons available:
    (To browse links, copy and paste the links for the computer browser address bar)

    # Very well packed loved if any questions me chamem In urges igorhenriquetech0 and follow me there

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    SSD → 9gupir

    Redmi airdots →

    Shop fittings pc → AgX3yH

    Headset gamer →

    Razer mouse → A8Xfrx

    Smartphone Poco M3 pro→

    Router top→

    Ships From: China

  29. c***m

    Friends Super bi gamepad don’t believe it’s better with customs money arrived 250 tlye installation very easy home and hold the x key pc automatically loads vibration very strong lights can gradually turn off and turn off also the power of vibration can be adjusted at this price I think I will officially get 1 more for free

    Ships From: China

  30. A***o

    Arrived in 24 days well packed. Still not tested, but is calling.

    Ships From: China

  31. A***a

    Product came well packed. Original product, sent quickly. Later talk about product quality.

    Ships From: China

  32. AliExpress Shopper

    There was damage to the shipping box. and oil spilled.

    Ships From: China

  33. B***b

    Urun arrived in about 15 days. Good quality came out as I expected. I had used the xbox one s joystick before the price of goods is high. He could get second hand, but it makes sense to get zero. So I made gamesir choice. You will be satisfied but the customs tax surprised me. Although the seller wrote $7 it opened in customs. And get your information about 70 pounds tax out. Thus order was completed to 300 pounds

    Ships From: China

  34. B***l

    demorou chegar por conta do tipo de rastreio mais eu comprei sabendo disso e tbm usei cupom o preço caiu pela metade praticamente
    controle massa ele é reconhecido pelo Windows como controle de Xbox,conectando a primeira vez nas próximas não precisa fazer nada só plucar e jogar de boa sem fio,não tenho oque reclamar
    o controle é bem bonito mais achei super leve tipo aqueles produtos porcaria sabe,mais não é o caso do controle
    gostei tanto que acabei comprando outro pra deixar de reserva,não usei em celular nem Nintendo só usei no Pc mesmo.e sobre o envio do produto foi rápido um dia após aprovação de pagamento…

    Ships From: China

  35. A***n

    Gamepad came in 14 days in 5post! The best gamepad in quality price! Very conveniently lies in the hands, only the materials of the handles are not rubberized and the hands quickly sweat this minus.
    A beautiful backlight, which can be turned off thus extend the work is +.
    Dead zones are minimal.
    The only significant minus is that it does not work with Call of Duty mobile on Android, with iOS running in CODM.
    I highly recommend this gamepad, I can even say that 1 of the best on the market!
    And the seller very quickly sent him many thanks for this!

    Ships From: China

  36. E***s

    Got everything right working. Purchase made 04/05 in 21hrs’s promotion, 18/06 day arrived

    Ships From: China

  37. m***r

    It came to me tax 22tl. The product is perfect. Multiplatform is an excellent game control that can work. There’s no dead point for triggers. Analogs have no dead point. It is much better quality than I expected and is based on the charge a lot. I played 4 hours on the phone is not finished.

    Ships From: China

  38. E***v

    In Sochi delivered in 10 days. Came to looks good. For me, a little light, but my daughter is even more convenient. The size corresponds to the Xbox gamepad. The encryption is weak, but it’s not critical to me. The battery holds normally. For their money, an excellent gamepad.

    Ships From: China

  39. AliExpress Shopper

    Arrived on 13 days 22tl tax came out very well I recommend

    Ships From: China

  40. B***z

    It is more logical to get the coupon from Tr 600 e from here from 180-220 tl. Tax came 21 pounds. There is nothing to say to the product full price performance product

    Ships From: China

  41. U***K

    No problem with the product despite the crushing in the box

    Ships From: China

  42. U***a

    The product arrived in about 2 weeks. I paid 35tl tax was deformed in the box but no damage. Precision material quality vs very good I bought 250 pounds, is my advice.

    Ships From: China

  43. E***r

    I passed the order at the time of closure of the pandemic product and they confirmed the same day and sent the cargo the next day to me the arrival took a total of 16 days and the seller was very interested. I encountered a very nice packaging when the product reached me and I did not encounter things like losers, tearing, breaking in the box. The product is excellent with full meaning, but our government has even seen three cents that they have received 60 TL customs taxes in any case it is much cheaper than Turkey, although everyone who has worked uncle.

    Ships From: China

  44. AliExpress Shopper

    Dear friends, the product is exactly the same as the truth and deserves fast shipping satisfaction .

    Ships From: China

  45. I***a

    Bought on 19/03 and received 06/05.
    Probably took a bit because of covid but arrived!
    Box a little wrinkled but all accessories and control came intact, along with manual and some stickers.
    Control light, soft and the price, is a cost-effective.
    In my case the triggers rear hinder a little but is lack of customary.
    Tested only fallguys, test will more games and after a time, comment again!
    So far I am very satisfied with the product!!

    Ships From: China

  46. V***v

    Wonderful controller! The first time I use not the original controller and I have to pay tribute to the feeling above all praise. Everything works clearly. To purchase I recommend!

    Ships From: China

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